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URMC / Labs / Cardiovascular Engineering Lab

Cardiovascular Engineering Lab

The University of Rochester Medical Center Cardiovascular Engineering Lab (CVEL) involves a cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional team working towards solving cardiovascular problems using engineering principles. The cardiovascular system is governed by forces prevalent in engineering, and the team of clinicians and engineers work together on problems faced in the cardiovascular field which can be solved through the application of engineering.

The CVEL is led by Doran Mix, M.D. in collaboration with Michael Stoner, M.D. (Chief of Vascular Surgery); Karl Schwarz, M.D. (Director of the Echocardiography Laboratory); Steven Day, Ph.D. (Chair of Biomedical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology); and Michael Richards Ph.D. ​(Assistant Professor​ of Biomedical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology). This multidisciplinary team tackles challenges in the cardiovascular field, utilizing their knowledge in the surgical, cardiology, and engineering arenas.​"

The lab is currently focus on AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysmal) disease which causes an enlargement in the blood vessel of the abdomen, and can be fatal if the aneurysm ruptures. Currently the lab is conducting translation benchtop research and clinical trials, in an attempt to develop a novel ultrasound based imaging technique to provide patient specific individual risk of aortic rupture.  

The long term goal of the lab is to create novel diagnostic, therapeutic, and predictive devices and tools which have the ability to improve overall delivery of cardiovascular care for patients.