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Welcome to the Mosmann Lab

Illustration of Cytometry Data

Batch effects in flow cytometry data

Our lab has had a long-standing interest in T cell responses, particularly human, and one of our main analytical tools has been high-dimensional flow cytometry.  Extraction of full information from these rich datasets was very difficult by traditional manual analysis, and this led us to develop new tools for the primary clustering of flow cytometry data into multi-dimensional cell sub-populations.  In turn, the richness of even this processed data was difficult to grasp using conventional analysis methods, so we have developed several computational tools to facilitate rapid exploration of the cluster data.

Current projects include further developing our flow analysis algorithms, particularly our new Registration tool, and adapting our tools to function in the IMMPORT Galaxy website.  We are also applying our tools for deep analysis of pregnancy-induced immune state changes in T cells specific for pathogens, and for paternal antigens expressed on the fetus.  Additional projects explore T cell changes and signatures in projects such as Atopic Dermatitis patients responding to new biologicals, and during cancer therapy.  We also visualize stochastic effects on T cell differentiation in a landscape motif, to provoke discussion of potentially novel differentiation strategies.

Tim R. Mosmann, Ph.D.

Tim R. Mosmann, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

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