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Rochester Human Immunology Center

Mission and Philosophy

Modern immunological techniques are sophisticated and powerful, and can be applied effectively to many basic and clinical projects. However, it is difficult for any one investigator to become expert in all of these complex techniques and expertise in immunology is typically spread across different Departments. The Rochester Human Immunology Center (RHIC) within the David H. Smith Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology has been established to acquire, refine and develop expertise in cutting-edge techniques and to support applications in Human Immunology research. The RHIC is designed with capabilities to enhance multi-disciplinary research initiatives catalyzing key clinical and basic immunology research in vaccines, HIV/AIDS, autoimmunity, allergy/asthma, transplantation and cancer immunology as well as clinical translational studies.


Within URMC’s strong interactive and collaborative environment, the RHIC central organization facilitates interactions between investigators with diverse skills, to encourage the development of innovative new methods and provide technical training, as well as a forum for basic and clinical scientists to pool expertise. The robust procedures, developed centrally from collaborative projects, can be adapted rapidly for many research projects and standardized for national coordination of clinical studies.

Who We Are

The overall center director is Dr. Tim Mosmann, and the RHIC Core Laboratory Director is Dr. Sally Quataert. The Center is overseen by an External Advisory Board, comprising leading immunologists with a broad range of interests, and an Executive Committee, who decide priorities, evaluate Pilot Projects and choose candidates for training.

The Center is a resource providing opportunities for training in advanced immunological techniques, access to standard operating procedures, sponsorship of human immunology seminar series, and discussion groups. The goals of the Rochester Human Immunology Center are accomplished through:

  1. The Rochester Human Immunology Core Laboratory
  2. Pilot Projects for innovative immunological research and technologies
  3. Human Immunology Seminar Series and special Symposia
  4. Interdisciplinary Discussion groups