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Paula M. Vertino, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Phone Numbers

Administrative: (585) 275-4726

Office: (585) 276-6415

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Dr. Vertino's research interests are focused on the areas of cancer epigenetics and novel mechanisms of gene silencing in cancer.


Journal Articles

Casciello F, Kelly GM, Ramarao-Milne P, Kamal N, Stewart TA, Mukhopadhyay P, Kazakoff SH, Miranda M, Kim D, Davis FM, Hayward NK, Vertino PM, Waddell N, Gannon F, Lee JS. "Combined inhibition of G9a and EZH2 suppresses tumor growth via synergistic induction of IL24-mediated apoptosis." Cancer research.. 2022 Feb 11; Epub 2022 Feb 11.

Ruff GL, Murphy KE, Smith ZR, Vertino PM, Murphy PJ. "Subtype-Independent ANP32E Reduction During Breast Cancer Progression in Accordance with Chromatin Relaxation." BMC cancer.. 2021 Dec 18; 21(1):1342. Epub 2021 Dec 18.

Kim H, Kang Y, Li Y, Chen L, Lin L, Johnson ND, Zhu D, Robinson MH, McSwain L, Barwick BG, Yuan X, Liao X, Zhao J, Zhang Z, Shu Q, Chen J, Allen EG, Kenney AM, Castellino RC, Van Meir EG, Conneely KN, Vertino PM, Jin P, Li J. "Ten-eleven translocation protein 1 modulates medulloblastoma progression." Genome biology.. 2021 Apr 29; 22(1):125. Epub 2021 Apr 29.