HBMI Core Facilities

The HBMI Core is located in rooms 1.7574, 1.7564, and 1.7531 of the Center for Musculoskeletal Research on the University of Rochester Medical Center campus. The Core occupies nearly 1500 square feet of laboratory and office space that houses integral equipment for each HBMI Program.

The Histology, IHC, and ISH Program provides resources and support for the generation of tissue sections from paraffin, plastic, or frozen embedded tissue samples and the subsequent histological, IHC, and ISH analyses.

Histology, IHC, and ISH Program equipment includes:

composite of histology equipment photos(1) a Sakura Tissue Tek VIP6 automated histoprocessor, a Milestone RHS-1 microwave vacuum histoprocessor, (2) a TBS paraffin embedding center, a paraffin oven, three -20°C freezers, two 4°C refrigerators, (3) two Microm HM355 automated microtomes, (4) two Microm HM315 microtomes, one Microm HM325 microtome, five VWR/Boekel tissue flotation water baths, (5) a Thermo Shandon frozen cryotome FE, two VWR Vistavision compound light microscopes, (6) one dual headed Olympus BX40 teaching microscope, one Axiostar plus dual headed teaching microscope, an automated slide labeler, three LabLine slide warmers, five Tissue Tek staining stations, eight Scytek SlideMaster IHC staining modules, five Thermolyne multipurpose spin/hot plates, four fume hoods, five Boekel hybridization ovens, a Beckman LS-6500 scintillation counter, two radioactive isotope containment areas, four VWR water baths, and a dedicated ISH darkroom.

The Molecular Tissue Imaging Program provides resources and support for the generation of digital bright field, dark field, and fluorescent imaging of tissue or cell preparations and the subsequent quantitative and histomorphometric image analyses.

The Molecular Tissue Imaging Program equipment includes: (1) Two Zeiss Axioskop 40 BF/DF/fluorescent microscopes with SPOT RT3 color/slider cameras and dedicated computer and software packages, (2) a Zeiss Axiovert 40 CFL fluorescent inverted microscope with AxioCam camera and dedicated computer and software, (3) a Zeiss AxioImager motorized fluorescent microscope system with AxioCam camera and dedicated computer and software, (4) an Olympus BH2 light and fluorescence microscope with an attached digital camera and OsteoMetrics histomorphometry hardware and OsteoMeasure software (version 4.10), (5) an Olympus SZX12 Stereoscope with a SPOT Flex color camera, two X-Cite interchangeable fluorescent power sources, (6) a Dell computer with attached Epson Scanner equipped for scanning films and culture plates. Additionally, CMSR members have access to an Olympus VS110 Virtual Microscopy System for whole-slide scanning and digital analysis via VisioPharm software.

Upcoming Speakers

July 29 , 2015
8:30 am - 9:30 am
Neuman Room (Rm 1-6823)

Bentley Hunt - Micropatterning endothelial cells for vascularized tissue engineered periosteum