Mother and Baby - URMC ObstetricsAt the University of Rochester Medical Center, we do everything we can to help turn dreams into realities. We know that having a baby is one of the most important events in your life–one that can be filled with both excitement and anxiety–and we want to help you every step of the way.

The Choice is Yours

We respect individual differences and that's why we offer you choices. Whether you prefer the care of an obstetrician or a nurse-midwife, we provide you with the care you need. Both of our birthing centers are state-of-the-art facilities with comfortable and welcoming atmospheres. And whether you choose to have your baby at Strong Memorial Hospital or at Highland Hospital, you are sure to be impressed by our experienced, compassionate and specially trained staff.

The Support You Need

We offer educational classes on childbirth and newborn care, sibling preparation, help and advice about feeding your baby and other support services.

Strong Beginnings

We have everything in place to help ensure that your baby gets a healthy start, and that your childbirth memories are happy ones.

Give Birth at Strong Beginnings

Highland Family Maternity Center

Whether you're expecting your first baby or adding a new little one to your family, we consider it a privilege to share in your joy.

Give Birth at Highland Family Maternity Center