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Karen S. Powers, M.D.

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2005 Jun
Powers KS, Nazarian EB, Tapyrik SA, Kohli SM, Yin H, van der Jagt EW, Sullivan JS, Rubenstein JS. "Bispectral index as a guide for titration of propofol during procedural sedation among children." Pediatrics.. 2005 Jun; 115(6):1666-74.
2004 Sep
Maffei FA, van der Jagt EW, Powers KS, Standage SW, Connolly HV, Harmon WG, Sullivan JS, Rubenstein JS. "Duration of mechanical ventilation in life-threatening pediatric asthma: description of an acute asphyxial subgroup." Pediatrics.. 2004 Sep; 114(3):762-7.
2004 Apr
Maffei,F. A.; Powers,K. S.; van der Jagt,E. W.;. "Apparent life-threatening events as an indicator of occult abuse". Arch.Pediatr.Adolesc.Med.. 2004; 158(4): 402; author reply 402-3. Link
2000 Jun
Powers KS. "Diagnosis and management of common toxic ingestions and inhalations." Pediatric annals. 2000 Jun; 29(6):330-42.
1999 Sep
Powers KS, Rubenstein JS. "Family presence during invasive procedures in the pediatric intensive care unit: a prospective study." Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine.. 1999 Sep; 153(9):955-8.
1999 Mar
Watson WJ, Powers KS. "Primary peritonitis associated with streptococcal toxic shock-like syndrome." Clinical pediatrics. 1999 Mar; 38(3):175-7.
1994 Jun
Goldstein B, Powers KS. "Head trauma in children." Pediatrics in review. 1994 Jun; 15(6):213-9; quiz 219.
Powers KS, Goldstein B, Merriam C, Chiafery M, Tornabene L, Paprocki S. "A multi-disciplinary approach to families of brain dead children." Clinical intensive care : international journal of critical & coronary care medicine. 1994 5(4):191-6.
1991 Sep
Conway EE, Mezey AP, Powers KS. "Status epilepticus following the oral ingestion of cocaine in an infant". Pediatr Emerg Care. 1991; 6((3)): 189-190. Link
Powers KS, Kurer CC. "Suppression of quinine-induced ventricular tachycardia with magnesium sulfate". Children's Hospital Quarterly. 1991; 3((4)): 287-289. Link
1989 May
Powers K, Fyfe DA, Taylor AB, Halushka PV, Crawford FA. "Treatment of pulmonary vasospasm with prazosin after atrial septal defect closure in a child." The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.. 1989 May; 97(5):802-4.
1986 May
Banik NL, Hogan EL, Powers JM, Smith KP. "Proteolytic enzymes in experimental spinal cord injury." Journal of the neurological sciences.. 1986 May; 73(3):245-56.
Powers KS, Platzer EG. "Oxygen consumption in mosquito larvae parasitized by Romanomermis culicivorax (Nematoda)." Comparative biochemistry and physiology. A, Comparative physiology. 1984 78(1):119-22.
1981 May 4
Happel RD, Smith KP, Banik NL, Powers JM, Hogan EL, Balentine JD. "Ca2+-accumulation in experimental spinal cord trauma." Brain research.. 1981 May 4; 211(2):476-9.


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