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2014 Sep
Chaves SS, Perez A, Farley MM, Miller L, Schaffner W, Lindegren ML, Sharangpani R, Meek J, Yousey-Hindes K, Thomas A, Boulton R, Baumbach J, Hancock EB, Bandyopadhyay AS, Lynfield R, Morin C, Zansky SM, Reingold A, Bennett NM, Ryan P, Fowler B, Fry A, Finelli L, . "The burden of influenza hospitalizations in infants from 2003 to 2012, United States." The Pediatric infectious disease journal. 2014 Sep; 33(9):912-9.
2014 Mar 1
Dawood FS, Chaves SS, Pérez A, Reingold A, Meek J, Farley MM, Ryan P, Lynfield R, Morin C, Baumbach J, Bennett NM, Zansky S, Thomas A, Lindegren ML, Schaffner W, Finelli L, . "Complications and associated bacterial coinfections among children hospitalized with seasonal or pandemic influenza, United States, 2003-2010." The Journal of infectious diseases. 2014 Mar 1; 209(5):686-94. Epub 2013 Aug 28.
2014 Feb
Greenbaum A, Chaves SS, Perez A, Aragon D, Bandyopadhyay A, Bennett N, Fowler B, Hancock E, Lynfield R, McDonald-Hamm C, Reingold A, Ryan P, Schaffner W, Sharangpani R, Spencer M, Thomas A, Yousey-Hindes K, Zansky S, Finelli L. "Heavy alcohol use as a risk factor for severe outcomes among adults hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza, 2005-2012." Infection. 2014 Feb; 42(1):165-70. Epub 2013 Nov 16.
2014 Jan
Jhung MA, D'Mello T, Pérez A, Aragon D, Bennett NM, Cooper T, Farley MM, Fowler B, Grube SM, Hancock EB, Lynfield R, Morin C, Reingold A, Ryan P, Schaffner W, Sharangpani R, Tengelsen L, Thomas A, Thurston D, Yousey-Hindes K, Zansky S, Finelli L, Chaves SS. "Hospital-onset influenza hospitalizations--United States, 2010-2011." American journal of infection control. 2014 Jan; 42(1):7-11. Epub 2013 Oct 30.
2013 Oct 15
Chaves SS, Aragon D, Bennett N, Cooper T, D'Mello T, Farley M, Fowler B, Hancock E, Kirley PD, Lynfield R, Ryan P, Schaffner W, Sharangpani R, Tengelsen L, Thomas A, Thurston D, Williams J, Yousey-Hindes K, Zansky S, Finelli L. "Patients hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza during the 2010-2011 influenza season: exploring disease severity by virus type and subtype." The Journal of infectious diseases. 2013 Oct 15; 208(8):1305-14. Epub 2013 Jul 17.
2013 Apr
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Vandermeer M;Thomas A;Kamimoto L;Reingold A;Gershman K;Meek J;Farley M;Ryan P;Lynfield R;Baumbach J;Schaffner W;Bennett NM; Zanski S. "Association between Use of Statins and Mortality among Patients Hospitalized with Laboratory-confirmed Influenza Virus Infections: A Multi-State Study". Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2012; 205(1): 13-19.
Hampton LM, Farley MM, Schaffner W, Thomas A, Reingold A, Harrison LH, Lynfield R, Bennett NM, Petit S, Gershman K, Kaumbach J, Beall B, Jorgensen J, Glennen A, Zell ER, Moore M. "Prevention of Antibiotic-Nonsusceptible Streptococcus pneumonia with Conjugate Vaccines". Journal of Infectious Disease. 2012; 205(3): 401-411.
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Thigpen MC;Whitney CG;Messonnier NE;Zell ER;Lynfield R;Hadler JL;Harrison LH;Farley MM;Reingold A;Bennett NM;Craig AS;Schaffner W;Thomas A;Lesis MM;Scallan E;Schuchat A. "Bacterial Meningitis in the United States - 1998-2007". New England Journal of Medicine. 2011; 364: 2016-2025.
Creanga A;Kamimoto L;Newsome K;D'Mello T;Jamieson DJ;Zotti ME;Arnodl K;Baumbach J;Bennett N;Blythe D;Farley M;Gershman K;Hadler J;Kirschke D;Lynfoield R;Meek J;Reingold A;Schaffner W;Thomas A;Zansky S;Finelli L;Honein M. "Seasonal and 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Infection during Pregnancy: A Population-based Study of Hospitalized Cases". American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2011; 204(6): S38-S45.
2010 Nov
Dawood FS, Fiore A, Kamimoto L, Bramley A, Reingold A, Gershman K, Meek J, Hadler J, Arnold KE, Ryan P, Lynfield R, Morin C, Mueller M, Baumbach J, Zansky S, Bennett NM, Thomas A, Schaffner W, Kirschke D, Finelli L, . "Burden of seasonal influenza hospitalization in children, United States, 2003 to 2008." The Journal of pediatrics. 2010 Nov; 157(5):808-14. Epub 2010 Jun 26.
2010 Oct
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2010 Sep 15
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2010 Jul
Pilishvili T, Zell ER, Farley MM, Schaffner W, Lynfield R, Nyquist AC, Vazquez M, Bennett NM, Reingold A, Thomas A, Jackson D, Schuchat A, Whitney CG. "Risk factors for invasive pneumococcal disease in children in the era of conjugate vaccine use." Pediatrics. 2010 Jul; 126(1):e9-17. Epub 2010 Jun 14.
2010 Jul
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2010 Jan 1
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2009 Aug 28
, . "Use of influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccine: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2009." MMWR. Recommendations and reports : Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Recommendations and reports / Centers for Disease Control. 2009 Aug 28; 58(RR-10):1-8.
2009 Mar
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2008 May 14
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2008 Apr 1
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2007 Aug
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2006 Oct 28
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2006 Oct
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2006 Jul 15
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2006 Apr 6
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2006 Apr
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2006 Feb 6
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2005 Oct 26
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2005 Oct
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2005 Feb
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2005 Jan 4
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2004 May 12
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2004 May
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2003 May 1
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2003 Apr
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2001 Jul
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1998 Feb
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1997 Apr 15
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1996 Oct
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1994 Aug 8
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1992 Nov
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1992 Mar
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