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2014 Apr
Gordon SC, Butala JH, Carter JM, Elder A, Gordon T, Gray G, Sayre PG, Schulte PA, Tsai CS, West J. "Workshop report: strategies for setting occupational exposure limits for engineered nanomaterials." Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP.. 2014 Apr; 68(3):305-11. Epub 2014 Jan 23.
2014 Apr
Sotiriou GA, Watson C, Murdaugh KM, Darrah TH, Pyrgiotakis G, Elder A, Brain JD, Demokritou P. "Engineering safer-by-design, transparent, silica-coated ZnO nanorods with reduced DNA damage potential." Environmental science. Nano.. 2014 Apr; 1(2):144-153.
Baisch BL, Corson NM, Wade-Mercer P, Gelein R, Kennell AJ, Oberdörster G, Elder A. "Equivalent titanium dioxide nanoparticle deposition by intratracheal instillation and whole body inhalation: the effect of dose rate on acute respiratory tract inflammation." Particle and fibre toxicology. 2014 11:5. Epub 2014 Jan 24.
2013 Sep
Baer DR, Engelhard MH, Johnson GE, Laskin J, Lai J, Mueller K, Munusamy P, Thevuthasan S, Wang H, Washton N, Elder A, Baisch BL, Karakoti A, Kuchibhatla SV, Moon D. "Surface characterization of nanomaterials and nanoparticles: Important needs and challenging opportunities." Journal of vacuum science & technology. A, Vacuum, surfaces, and films : an official journal of the American Vacuum Society.. 2013 Sep; 31(5):50820. Epub 2013 Aug 27.
Mortensen LJ, Jatana S, Gelein R, Debenedetto A, de Mesy Bentley KL, Beck L, Elder A, Delouise L. "Quantification of quantum dot murine skin penetration with UVR barrier impairment." Nanotoxicology. 2013 7(8):1386-98. Epub 2013 Apr 17.
2012 Jul 16
Han X, Corson N, Wade-Mercer P, Gelein R, Jiang J, Sahu M, Biswas P, Finkelstein JN, Elder A, Oberdörster G. "Assessing the relevance of in vitro studies in nanotoxicology by examining correlations between in vitro and in vivo data." Toxicology.. 2012 Jul 16; 297(1-3):1-9. Epub 2012 Apr 02.
2012 Mar 27
Shi M, Kwon HS, Peng Z, Elder A, Yang H. "Effects of surface chemistry on the generation of reactive oxygen species by copper nanoparticles." ACS nano.. 2012 Mar 27; 6(3):2157-64. Epub 2012 Mar 05.
2011 Sep 5
Han X, Gelein R, Corson N, Wade-Mercer P, Jiang J, Biswas P, Finkelstein JN, Elder A, Oberdörster G. "Validation of an LDH assay for assessing nanoparticle toxicity." Toxicology.. 2011 Sep 5; 287(1-3):99-104. Epub 2011 Jun 23.
Kim, S.C.; Chen, D.; Qi, C.; Gelein, R.M.; Finkelstein, J.N.; Elder, A.; Bentley, K.; Oberdorster, G.; Pui, D.Y.H. "A nanoparticle dispersion method of in vitro and in vivo nanotoxicity study". Nanotoxicology. 2010; 4(1): 42-51.
Gillespie, P.A.; Kang, G.S.; Elder, A.; Gelein, R.; Chen, L.; Moreira, A.L.; Koberstein, J.; Tchou-Wang, K.M.; Gordon, T.; Chen, L.C. "Pulmonary response after exposure to inhaled nickel hydroxide nanoparticles: short and long-term studies in mice". Nanotoxicology. 2010; 4(1): 106-19.
Rushton EK, Jiang J, Leonard SS, Eberly S, Castranova V, Biswas P, Elder A, Han X, Gelein R, Finkelstein J, Oberdorster G. "Concept of assessing nanoparticle hazards considering nanoparticle dosemetric and chemical/biological response metrics." Journal of toxicology and environmental health. Part A.. 2010 73(5):445-61.
2009 Jan 1
Vanwinkle BA, de Mesy Bentley KL, Malecki JM, Gunter KK, Evans IM, Elder A, Finkelstein JN, Oberdörster G, Gunter TE. "Nanoparticle (NP) uptake by type I alveolar epithelial cells and their oxidant stress response." Nanotoxicology. 2009 Jan 1; 3(4):307-318.
Elder A, Vidyasagar S, DeLouise L. "Physicochemical factors that affect metal and metal oxide nanoparticle passage across epithelial barriers." Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology.. 2009 1(4):434-50.
Jiang, J.; Oberdorster, G.; Elder, A.; Gelein, R.; Mercer, P.; Biswas, P. "Does nanoparticles activity depend on size and crystal phase?". Nanotoxicology. 2008; 2(1): 33-42.
2007 Jan
Elder A, Couderc JP, Gelein R, Eberly S, Cox C, Xia X, Zareba W, Hopke P, Watts W, Kittelson D, Frampton M, Utell M, Oberdörster G. "Effects of on-road highway aerosol exposures on autonomic responses in aged, spontaneously hypertensive rats." Inhalation toxicology.. 2007 Jan; 19(1):1-12.
Elder, A.; Yang, H.; Gwizada, R.; Teng, X.; Thurston, S.; He, H.; Oberdörster, G. "A Testing Strategy for Nanomaterials of Unknown Toxicity: An Example using Platinum Nanoparticles of Different Shapes." Adv. Mater.. 2007; .
Santhanam, P.; J.G. Wagner; A. Elder; R. Gelein; J.M. Carter; K.E. Driscoll; G. Oberdörster; J.R. Harkema. "Nasal Toxicity in Laboratory Rats After Subchronic Inhalation Exposure to Carbon Black Nanoparticles". Int'l. J. Nanotechnol.. 2007; .
2006 Aug
Elder A, Gelein R, Silva V, Feikert T, Opanashuk L, Carter J, Potter R, Maynard A, Ito Y, Finkelstein J, Oberdörster G. "Translocation of inhaled ultrafine manganese oxide particles to the central nervous system." Environmental health perspectives.. 2006 Aug; 114(8):1172-8.
Carter JM, Corson N, Driscoll KE, Elder A, Finkelstein JN, Harkema JN, Gelein R, Wade-Mercer P, Nguyen K, Oberdorster G. "A comparative dose-related response of several key pro- and antiinflammatory mediators in the lungs of rats, mice, and hamsters after subchronic inhalation of carbon black." Journal of occupational and environmental medicine. 2006 48(12):1265-78.
2005 Jun
Silva VM, Corson N, Elder A, Oberdörster G. "The rat ear vein model for investigating in vivo thrombogenicity of ultrafine particles (UFP)." Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology.. 2005 Jun; 85(2):983-9. Epub 2005 Mar 16.
Elder A, Johnston C, Gelein R, Finkelstein J, Wang Z, Notter R, Oberdörster G. "Lung inflammation induced by endotoxin is enhanced in rats depleted of alveolar macrophages with aerosolized clodronate." Experimental lung research. 2005 31(6):527-46.
Elder A, Gelein R, Finkelstein JN, Driscoll KE, Harkema J, Oberdörster G. "Effects of subchronically inhaled carbon black in three species. I. Retention kinetics, lung inflammation, and histopathology." Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology.. 2005 88(2):614-29. Epub 2005 Sep 21.
2004 Jun
Oberdörster G, Sharp Z, Atudorei V, Elder A, Gelein R, Kreyling W, Cox C. "Translocation of inhaled ultrafine particles to the brain." Inhalation toxicology.. 2004 Jun; 16(6-7):437-45.
2004 Jun
Elder AC, Gelein R, Azadniv M, Frampton M, Finkelstein J, Oberdörster G. "Systemic effects of inhaled ultrafine particles in two compromised, aged rat strains." Inhalation toxicology.. 2004 Jun; 16(6-7):461-71.
2004 Mar
Elder AC, Gelein R, Oberdörster G, Finkelstein J, Notter R, Wang Z. "Efficient depletion of alveolar macrophages using intratracheally inhaled aerosols of liposome-encapsulated clodronate." Experimental lung research. 2004 Mar; 30(2):105-20.
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2003 Aug 1
Gallagher J, Sams R, Inmon J, Gelein R, Elder A, Oberdörster G, Prahalad AK. "Formation of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine in rat lung DNA following subchronic inhalation of carbon black." Toxicology and applied pharmacology.. 2003 Aug 1; 190(3):224-31.
2002 Oct 25
Oberdörster G, Sharp Z, Atudorei V, Elder A, Gelein R, Lunts A, Kreyling W, Cox C. "Extrapulmonary translocation of ultrafine carbon particles following whole-body inhalation exposure of rats." Journal of toxicology and environmental health. Part A.. 2002 Oct 25; 65(20):1531-43.
Elder, A.C.P.; Gelein, R.; Azadniv, M.; Frampton, M.; Oberdörster, G. "Systemic Interactions Between Inhaled Ultrafine Particles and Endotoxin". Ann. Occup. Hyg.. 2002; 46(Suppl. 1): 231-234.
Couderc, J-P.; Elder, A.; Cox, C.; Zareba, W.; Oberdörster, G. "Limitations of Power Spectrum Analysis and Time-Domain Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Short-Term ECGs Recorded using Telemetry in Unrestrained Rats". Comp. Cardiol.. 2002; 29: 589-592.
2000 Aug
Oberdörster G, Finkelstein JN, Johnston C, Gelein R, Cox C, Baggs R, Elder AC. "Acute pulmonary effects of ultrafine particles in rats and mice." Research report (Health Effects Institute). 2000 Aug; (96):5-74; disc. 75-86.
2000 Mar
Elder AC, Finkelstein J, Johnston C, Gelein R, Oberdörster G. "Induction of adaptation to inhaled lipopolysaccharide in young and old rats and mice." Inhalation toxicology.. 2000 Mar; 12(3):225-43.
Elder, A.C.P.; Gelein, R.; Finkelstein, J.N.; Cox, C.; Oberdörster, G. "Endotoxin Priming Affects the Lung Response to Ultrafine Particles and Ozone in Young and Old Rats". Inhal. Toxicol.. 2000; 12(Suppl. 1): 85-98.
Elder AC, Gelein R, Finkelstein JN, Cox C, Oberdörster G. "Pulmonary inflammatory response to inhaled ultrafine particles is modified by age, ozone exposure, and bacterial toxin." Inhalation toxicology.. 2000 12 Suppl 4:227-46.


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