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2007 Feb
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2005 Mar
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2003 Nov
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2003 Jun
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2002 Oct
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2002 May 15
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2002 Jan 1
Gregori N, Pröschel C, Noble M, Mayer-Pröschel M. "The tripotential glial-restricted precursor (GRP) cell and glial development in the spinal cord: generation of bipotential oligodendrocyte-type-2 astrocyte progenitor cells and dorsal-ventral differences in GRP cell function." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2002 Jan 1; 22(1):248-56.
2000 Aug 29
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1998 Nov 24
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1998 Mar 31
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1996 Nov 25
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1996 Jul 12
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1995 Oct 5
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1994 Aug 2
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1994 Apr
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1994 Jan
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1993 Sep
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1993 Apr 1
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1992 Aug
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1992 Jan
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1990 Aug
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1989 Feb
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1988 Jun 9
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1988 Jun 9
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1984 Oct
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