Stephanie A. Gamble, Ph.D.

Stephanie A. Gamble, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box PSYCH
Rochester, NY 14642

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2009 Sep
Conner KR, Pinquart M, Gamble SA. "Meta-analysis of depression and substance use among individuals with alcohol use disorders." Journal of substance abuse treatment. 2009 Sep; 37(2):127-37. Epub 2009 Jan 15.
Poleshuck EL, Talbot NL, Su H, Tu X, Chaudron L, Gamble S, Giles DE. "Pain as a predictor of depression treatment outcomes in women with childhood sexual abuse." Comprehensive psychiatry. 2009 50(3):215-20. Epub 2008 Oct 15.
2008 Mar
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2007 Sep
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2007 Jan
Conner, K.R.; Duberstein, P.R.; Beckman, A.; Heisel, M.J.; Hirsch, J.K.; Gamble, S.A.; Conwell, Y. "Planning of suicide attempts among depressed inpatients ages 50 and over". Journal of Affective Disorders. 2007; 97((1-3)): 123-128.
Gamble, S.A.; Talbot, N.L.; Conner, K.R.; Tu, X.; Franus, N.; Beckman, A.M.; Ma, Y.; Duberstein, P.R. "Concordance about childhood sexual abuse among depressed patients 50 and over and their family and friends". Archives of Suicide Research. 2007; 11(4): 321-326.
2006 Jun
Chronis, A.M.; Gamble, S.A.; Roberts, J.E.; Pelham, W.E. "Cognitive-Behavioral Depression Treatment for Mothers of Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder". Behavior Therapy. 2006; 37(2): 143-158.
2006 May
Gamble, S.A.; Talbot, N.L.; Duberstein, P.R.; Conner, K.R.; Franus, N.; Beckman, A.M.; Conwell, Y. "Childhood sexual abuse and depressive symptom severity: The role of neuroticism". Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 2006; 194(5): 382-385.
2005 Dec
Talbot, N.L.; Conwell, Y.; O'Hara, M.W.; Stuart, S.; Ward, E.A.; Gamble, S.A.; Watts, A.; Tu, X. "Interpersonal psychotherapy for depressed women with sexual abuse histories: A pilot study in a community mental health center". Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 2005; 193(12): 847-850.
2005 Apr
Gamble, S.A.; Roberts, J.E. "Adolescents' Perceptions of Primary Caregivers and Cognitive Style: The Roles of Attachment Security and Gender". Cognitive Therapy and Research. 2005; 29(2): 123-141.
2001 Apr
Roberts, J.E.; Gamble, S.A. "Current mood-state and past depression as predictors of self-esteem and dysfunctional attitudes among adolescents". Personality and Individual Differences. 2001; 30(6): 1023-1037.
1999 Nov
Roberts, J.E.; Shapiro, A.M.; Gamble, S.A. "Level and perceived stability of self-esteem prospectively predict depressive symptoms during psychoeducational group treatment". British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 1999; 38(4): 425-429.


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