Susan K. Hobbs, M.D., Ph.D.

Susan K. Hobbs, M.D., Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 648
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 273-1974
Fax: (585) 276-2851

Journal Articles

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2013 Mar
Guzman R, Ding L, Watson TJ, Hobbs SK, Litle VR. "Spontaneous esophageal hematoma in a patient with atrial fibrillation." The Annals of thoracic surgery. 2013 Mar; 95(3):1089-91.
2011 Oct
Ginat DT, Fong MW, Tuttle DJ, Hobbs SK, Vyas RC. "Cardiac imaging: Part 1, MR pulse sequences, imaging planes, and basic anatomy." AJR. American journal of roentgenology. 2011 Oct; 197(4):808-15.
2003 Nov
Hobbs SK, Shi G, Homer R, Harsh G, Atlas SW, Bednarski MD. "Magnetic resonance image-guided proteomics of human glioblastoma multiforme." Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI. 2003 Nov; 18(5):530-6.
Hobbs SK, Shi G, Bednarski MD. "Synthesis of polymerized thin films for immobilized ligand display in proteomic analysis." Bioconjugate chemistry. 2003 14(3):526-31.