Neuromuscular Strength Testing

LifeFitness GX2 System

Muscular strength is the external force that can be generated by a specific muscle group. This dynamic strength equipment is used to perform 1 or multiple repetition maximum testing to assess muscular strength for all of the major muscle groups.

lifefitnessChest press

Jamar Dynamometer

Isometric strength can be measured by dynamometer using a grip strength test. This assesses the maximal voluntary contraction generated by the arm muscles and is highly correlated with overall body strength. This dynamometer can also be used to assess aspects of neurocognitive function.

hand grip dynamometry







Balance Testing


The PEAK Human Performance Clinical Research Core Laboratory offers a complete easy to use solution for quantifying and evaluating human balance in your clinical research studies by measuring three forces and three moments involved in balance, providing outputs that allow easy computation of the center-of-pressure coordinates. The system can also be used to develop balance interventions for your study participants.

balance board



George on balance board

Open foot, open eyes











Balance screen


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