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Schizophrenia Resources

While schizophrenia is a relatively uncommon mental disorder that affects about 1% of the population at some point in their lifetime, the nature of the illness accounts for considerable suffering, disability, and for some, the need for institutional care. Schizophrenia tends to be a recurrent condition characterized by episodes of disorganized thinking, speech and behavior that includes either delusions (false beliefs that are typically bizarre) and/or hallucinations (abnormal perceptual experiences typically involving voices or visions). In the past, the condition was often unremitting and institutionalization was common. With effective, modern medical, psychotherapy and social interventions the prognosis is much improved for reduced frequency and/or intensity of episodes and reduced need for hospital or institutional levels of care. Many individuals with schizophrenia now live comfortably and productively in the community and some are rendered symptom free with stable remission of symptoms. Today, experts are even exploring the possibility of effective preventative treatments for individuals at particularly high risk of developing schizophrenia.

The websites offered here are selected as starting points for clinicians, patients and loved ones to learn more about schizophrenia, research in the field and the best practices in treatment and support for those affected by the disorder.

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