ePartner (View Only)


ePartner is a web-based portal that allows you to view information on your patient's hospital stays, as well as access their tests and image results. Depending on how you work with URMC and our affiliates, we will offer to you either a complete view of the inpatient chart, or a scaled back view that provides quick and convenient scanning of lab results. You will not be able to contribute to the chart in any way with ePartner.


ePartner Features:

  • Windows-like navigation system.
  • Customizable inbox alert system.
  • Available Spring 2011; read more about transitioning to ePartner
  • A brief 20-minute online training is required before using ePartner
  • Most PCs with standard operating systems can access ePartner
  • Streamlined secure connection to ePartner available via http://remote.urmc.edu.


View FAQs for more information on ePartner.



Transitioning to ePartner

We will begin transitioning practices to ePartner this spring, with the goal of having every practice up on the system by the end of September 2011. This gradual rollout allows us to provide personalized and technical support to practices as they make the switch. CIS will remain operational until all practices have been successfully converted.


URMC will contact you to get the process started. You will be asked to provide a key contact with whom we can work with to complete important paperwork and administrative processes including:


  • New confidentiality agreements between URMC and the practice, and between URMC and each individual using ePartner.
  • List of ePartner users at the practice; each will be provided a URMC User ID and starter password.
  • Preparing each Computer for ePartner access
  • Completion of ePartner online training


It's our goal to make the transition to ePartner as efficient and seamless for you and your office staff. Once we receive from you the initial requirement signed documents, it will take up to three weeks to complete the important security and administrative work to ensure you and each staff member using ePartner has access to the URMC computer network, is trained and ready to begin using ePartner.