What is eRecord?
eRecord is the name of the integrated electronic health record (EHR) being introduced at Strong Memorial and Highland Hospitals. The new system, powered by Epic, brings all patient information together in one location including lab results and images; ED, consult and inpatient progress notes; medication lists; and discharge summary and instructions. We believe eRecord will dramatically change and improve the way we work in our hospital, and help propel our goal of continuously improving patient safety and quality of care.
What is included in eRecord?
All inpatient areas, emergency departments, and outpatient oncology areas at both hospitals are part of eRecord Phase I. As a result, all physician and nursing documentation, order entry/results reporting, pharmacy, and medication administration (with bar code scanning) will all be done electronically in the new eRecord system. Access to radiology images also will be available from within the patient’s electronic chart (no additional login needed).
When will eRecord be available?
eRecord will launch at Strong Memorial on March 5, 2011, and at Highland on June 11, 2011. By summer 2012, we expect to integrate Phase II into all our ambulatory practices.
How can I access eRecord?
Two levels of access to eRecord will be available, similar to what is offered today with CIS. Full access to the eRecord system is open to those who need to write orders, prescriptions, or contribute to the chart in other ways for inpatients. A view-only version of eRecord, called ePartner, will provide you full access to the patient chart (i.e., lab results, discharge notes, etc.), but you will not be able to contribute to the chart in any way. Providers will select which level of access works best for them.
Is training required?
Yes. ePartner, the view-only option, requires just 45 minutes of online training. For those who need to contribute to the chart, two provider training tracks exist for eRecord. We believe most community physicians will opt for the Focused Track, which will take about 6.5 hours to complete. Those who want to dig deeper into all aspects of eRecord can sign up for the Comprehensive Training Track, which takes about 11.5 hours to finish. All training qualifies for CME credits. Both classroom and online sessions will be available, and tests will be administered throughout the course of the training to make sure you’ve absorbed key points. Your eRecord login only will be activated after all of your training and proficiency tests have been successfully completed. Community providers will be able to select the training track they believe most suits their work at the hospitals.
When/where will training occur?
Training will run January 3 – February 25, 2011 for Strong Memorial, and from late April through early June for Highland. Classes will occur at a variety of times and days, including weekends and early mornings/late evenings. Enrollment is occurring now through Nov. 12 for providers who will contribute to the patient chart at Strong Memorial. Please call the eRecord Scheduling Concierge Service at 585/276-8015 to reserve your classroom slot. Telephone hours are as follows: Monday/Tuesday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Wednesday through Friday: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Will my staff have access to eRecord?
Yes. Staff who need to view information in your patients’ records will be given access through ePartner. Training for ePartner will be completed online and is expected to take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.
Will eRecord be available as my practice EHR?
URMC intends to offer eRecord to affiliated community physicians in the future. We are currently investigating the feasibility/timing of this offering. As part of our planning process, we will be in contact with many of you to seek information on your needs. If you are interested in having eRecord as your practice EHR, please contact Nancy Bales at (585) 784-8322, or Nancy_Bales@urmc.rochester.edu.

eRecord Training

Classroom training is required before using eRecord. Call 276-8015 to schedule your class now, or read more about our training.