New at URMC

Rapid Follow-Up Key to Reducing Readmissions for Patients with Heart Failure

Aiming to reduce readmissions by 25 percent for patients with a primary diagnosis of heart failure, URMC protocol advises that high-risk patients be seen by a care provider within three days of discharge to avoid problems and assure their care is progressing. Read more about reducing readmissions »

Highland Unit Specializes in Neurology, Neurosurgery Care

A new unit dedicated to the care of neurological and neurosurgical patients is taking shape at Highland Hospital. The hospital opened 14 renovated beds in May as part of an expansion to the URMC’s Neuromedicine Program and expects to finalize the project by fall. Learn more about Highland's new unit »

Safer Surgery: Doppler Probe Expected to Improve Colon Resection Outcomes

URMC’s colorectal surgeons are using a new device that they anticipate will hasten recovery, shorten hospital stays, and reduce risk for complication in patients undergoing colon resections. The esophageal Doppler probe assists surgeons by slipping down the esophagus where it can carefully assess blood flow velocity in the aorta – an important metric for determining just how much fluid a patient needs to keep optimally perfused during the course of a procedure. Read more about the doppler probe »

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