Continuing Medical Education (CME) Calendar

All programs are held at University of Rochester Medical Center unless otherwise noted

Current Programs

Infection Control Self-Study

This self-study program with its post-test component meets the Department of Health and State Education Department requirements. New York State Certification is awarded upon completion.

Accessing Online Infection Control Training

Register with the CPE office by logging on to and selecting Infection Control, located on the right side of the page. Once you are at the site, you may register, pay and receive training materials needed to complete the program online. Discounts are available for University of Rochester employees and providers with admitting/attending privileges at Strong Memorial Hospital.

August 12, 2010
Diagnosis and Management of Fecal Incontinence

Casa Larga Vineyards
Fairport, N.Y.
Contact: Kerry Kehoe (585) 208-4703

August 16-22, 2010
Clinical Trial Methods Course in Neurology

Contact: Janine Fitzpatrick (585) 275-7430

August 20, 2010
Emergency Radiology Update

Contact: Patricia Miller (585) 275-6359

Ongoing Programs

2010-2011 Introduction to Medical Center Leadership

Contact: Andria Mutrie (585) 276-3782

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk

Contact: Isaiah Branton (202) 572-3789

Basic Life Support (CPR)

Contact: OER (585) 275-7666

Buffalo Rochester Dermatology Society

Contact: Mary Lou Williams (585) 275-0193

Clinical Smoking Cessation Intervention for Adults

Contact: Emily Zale (585) 758-7828

Fluoroscopy Safety for Physicians

Contact: Patty Pschierer (585) 275-3781

Regional Post-Graduate Teaching Mornings

Contact: Eyvonne Lawson (585) 275-4354

Simulation Course: Training for the Unexpected

Contact: Christine Arnold (585) 275-1975

Sovie Center Pharmacology Update Series

Contact: Susan Van Dongen (585) 275-9601

Topics in Emergency Psychiatry

Contact: Jacquelyn T. Coleman (888) 945-5430

Transforming Clinical Processes with CPOE, eClinical Documentation and eMar

Unity Hospital
Rochester, N.Y.
Contact: Margaret Donahue (585) 764-2549

Translational Pain Research Forum

Contact: Nikki Murray (585) 340-8928

Strong Consult and Transfer Center

Toll-free (800) 499-9298
(585) 275-4999