Pediatric Surgical Team Welcomes New Surgeons

Christopher Gitzelmann, M.D.

Christopher Gitzelmann, M.D.

Yi-Horng Lee M.D.

Yi-Horng Lee, M.D.

Golisano Children’s Hospital recently welcomed pediatric surgeons Yi-Horng Lee, M.D., and Christopher Gitzelmann, M.D.

Lee came to Rochester from Women’s & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and was an assistant professor of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Buffalo. Gitzelmann  most recently served as director of minimally invasive pediatric surgery at University Children’s Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lee, who works with Walter Pegoli, M.D., chief of pediatric surgery, trained in general surgery at the University of Iowa Hopsitals and Clinics and spent a year exploring transplant surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center before entering a pediatric surgery fellowship at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. His research interests are varied and include necrotizing enterocolitis, pediatric gallbladder disease and appendicitis, and staphylococcal soft tissue abscesses.

“We are pleased and proud to have Dr. Lee join us,” Pegoli said. “He is extremely well trained and has research interests that tie in well with the University’s strategic plan.”

The chance to work with Pegoli again enticed Gitzelmann to Rochester. Gitzelmann was a research fellow in Pegoli’s lab during his time at Johns Hopkins. They remained in touch for the past 15 years while Pegoli built a prestigious pediatric surgery program at the Golisano Children’s Hospital and while Gitzelmann became an expert at minimally invasive pediatric surgery in Switzerland.

Pegoli was equally eager to add Gitzelmann to the team because of his highly specialized laparoscopic surgery skills. Gitzelmann specializes in laparoscopic “pull-throughs” for colorectal birth defects, such as for Hirschsprung’s disease in which a section of the intestines doesn’t work properly or for newborns with high imperforate anus. The technique requires less cutting, fewer surgeries, and it results in less scar tissue.

While Golisano Children’s Hospital offered laparoscopic surgery before the addition of Gitzelmann, pediatric laparoscopic pull-through surgery is new to the Rochester region.

“Dr. Gitzelmann has very advanced laparoscopic skills, which are in high demand. We’re excited that bringing him here allows us to offer more minimally invasive surgery options to our families,” Pegoli said.

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