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URMC launched its $78 million electronic health record system on March 5 at Strong Memorial Hospital, ushering in a platform for integrated care delivery with the potential for significant improvements in quality and safety across URMC hospitals and ambulatory clinics. The eRecord platform will go live at Highland Hospital in June, and at all URMC outpatient services by summer 2012.

“Launching eRecord represents so much more than replacing the paper chart with an electronic one,” said URMC CEO Bradford C. Berk, M.D., Ph.D. “eRecord is the centerpiece of our strategic plan to improve quality and safety, our number one clinical priority. It creates a new approach to how we work, transforming the way we provide care so that it is safer, better quality, and more patient- and family-centered.”

The eRecord platform is powered by Wisconsin-based Epic Systems, the same vendor behind EHR systems at number of top academic medical centers, including Cleveland Clinic, NYU and Mount Sinai. It puts all providers on the same screen while caring for a patient, aggregating important allergy information, medication lists, test results, physician notes and more.

“By coalescing data into a single system, eRecord ensures that all critical information pertaining to any given patient is at the fingertips of the entire care team,” said Steven I. Goldstein, president and CEO of Strong Memorial and Highland hospitals. “Replacing separate information systems, eRecord will improve care coordination and consistency across units, support services and hospitals.”

eRecord users will find two levels of access, similar to the current CIS system. Full access to the inpatient chart is available to those who write orders, prescriptions, or who contribute to the chart in other ways for inpatients. A view-only version of eRecord, called ePartner, provides full access to the patient chart (e.g., lab results, discharge notes, etc.) without the ability to contribute to the chart. URMC hopes to convert community providers from CIS to ePartner by September 2011; CIS will remain active until all practices are transitioned. In addition, eRecord is compatible with Rochester’s RHIO initiative to digitize medical records and share critical health information community-wide.

Improving patient safety

eRecord includes inpatient units, the Emergency Department, ob/gyn, pharmacy, and outpatient oncology at Strong, Highland and three other off-site oncology clinics.  

Strong is already seeing patient safety gains with the system’s Bar Code Medication Administration technology. Labs efficiencies are reducing turnaround by 10 to 12 percent and almost all routine testing now meets STAT goals. Testing volume is down 17 percent, indicating more efficient ordering practices.

 Later this year, URMC is also launching a secure online patient portal that will allow its oncology patients to view portions of their URMC electronic medical record. Called MyChart, this personal health record dovetails with eRecord, allowing cancer patients to view their health summary, current medications, test results, and upcoming and past appointments.

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