Providers Can Hone Business Acumen with Medical Management Program

The rapidly changing world of health care prompted anesthesiologist Peter Benson, M.D., to enroll in the Simon Graduate School of Business to earn a master’s degree focusing on Medical Management.

“Medical school educates us on the medical aspects of caring for patients, but there are multiple aspects of health care that are now touched by business,” Benson said. “With recent changes in health care and all the uncertainty ahead, it’s prudent that people in the health care industry understand these dimensions and how they influence the providers as well as the patients.”

The part-time program provides physicians, hospital administrators and medical professionals with management tools and an understanding of the key business issues that confront health care providers.

“We see a lot of professionals who are moving up and into positions that require them to stretch and learn,” said Sam Ogie, director of Health Sciences Programs at Simon. “We focus on helping them make better business decisions by using data which really fits in well with their mindset.”

The program taught Benson to analyze and address the issues he encounters as assistant professor of Anesthesiology.

“It introduced a new set of skills and offered greater insight about how to perform better. In addition to traditional business disciplines, such as operations management and marketing, it allowed me to amalgamate, to take note of the cross section between medicine and business,” Benson said.

Simon’s Medical Management program:

  • Is convenient for busy health care professionals, with classes once a week and one weekend a month over a calendar year.
  • Fosters the development of practical skills that are readily applied in today’s health care organizations through real-world examples in the classroom and “capstone” projects with local health care organizations.
  • Provides in-depth training in critically important financial, operational and organizational performance areas.
  • Offers students and alumni opportunities to network with colleagues in the health care sector.

“I learned to evaluate various clinical scenarios against a new – but very real – background. It prompted me to compassionately look at my patients not only with intent to meet their clinical needs, but to realize the economic milieu in which I provide their care, to consider their needs within the system as a whole, appreciate the complexity of the system, and discover the means to meet their needs in a timely manner while exceeding their expectations.”

At the program’s culmination, Benson and classmates studied ways to improve efficiency in the scheduling system for anesthesia services provided at cardiac catheterization lab or electrophysiology unit. Benson worked with teammates Matt Jonovich, M.D., Cardiology Fellow; Melissa Derleth, R.N., associate director of Nursing Practice; Elaine Julian-Baros, senior project manager for the Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics; and Dale Martin, a cardiac sonographer. As a result, the team recommended a number of improvements, which joined several other projects completed by Simon School students that have aided operations at the Medical Center.

Simon is one of a handful of internationally ranked schools of business to offer a dedicated program in the area of Health Sciences Management. The MS in business administration program with a focus in Medical Management provides physicians, hospital administrators, and medical professionals with management tools and an understanding of the key business issues that confront professionals in the health care industry. 

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