New Penfield Orthopaedic Site Offers Aquatic Therapy

Patients walking into facilityURMC’s Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation welcomes patients to a new outpatient facility at 2064 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road in Penfield. Easily accessible, near the corner of routes 441 and 250, the location offers aquatic therapy, spine, sports medicine and hand rehabilitation services, and orthopaedic urgent care. University Medical Imaging will open at the Penfield site later this year.

The Penfield aquatic therapy program features one of the largest therapeutic pools in Rochester staffed by a team of therapists licensed by the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute. The program serves patients who can’t tolerate land-based therapies initially, or who should supplement traditional physical therapy.

“We see a good mix of patients,” said Jenna Bush, P.T., D.P.T. “We see patients pre- and post-total joint surgery, patients with spine and other orthopaedic conditions, and athletes of all levels.

Now that we have a dedicated pool, we can expand our services, and it’s more convenient for our patients.”

The state-of-the-art pool has a treadmill, a deep well for aqua jogging, and an underwater video system so patients and therapists can monitor progress. The pool’s flow can be adjusted to vary resistance to each patient’s rehabilitative level. The goal of aquatic therapy is to improve balance and coordination, strength and endurance, mobility and range of motion. The URMC team employs aquatic therapy techniques based on progressive exercise and a sports medicine approach, the gold standard in aquatic therapy.

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