Our Pediatric Social Workers are part of the health care team. They focus on helping families with needed resources, improve their safety, connect with community services and be ready to care for their children after hospitalization. They also help families cope with stress, solve problems and make decisions around medical care of their children.

Chief Social Worker: Mardy Sandler, LMSW (585) 275-4992

Senior Social Worker: Carla LeVant, LMSW (585) 273-5445

Clinical Area Social Worker   Contact #
Adolescent Medicine Heather Jones LMSW (585) 275-1235
Ambulatory Center General Pediatric Practice
Rebecca Burke
Katherine Beier
(585) 273-2485
(585) 275-4787
Cystic Fibrosis Marcy Odell LMSW (585) 275-9105
Children's Primary Care Outreach Wanda Garren   (585) 275-5990
Kirch Developmental Services Center and Infant and Toddler Development Clinic Lisa Luxemberg

Angela Huss

(585) 273-2442

(585) 273-2615
Pediatric Nephrology, Genetics, Rheumatology Tiffany Amalfi LMSW (585) 276-3991
Pediatric Cardiology

Jennifer Tillou

Elizabeth Wenger



(585) 275-3584

(585) 275-3584

Pediatric Endocrine/Adolescent Medicine Heather Jones MSW (585) 275-1235
Pediatric Gastroenterology/Pediatric Neurology Erin Noel LMSW (585) 276-3976
Pediatric Hemetology/Oncology Jade Giesy LMSW (585) 273-4970
REACH Kim Levitsky LMSW (585) 935-7835
Inpatient Pediatric Units
4-1600 and 4-3600
Lori Snyder LMSW (585) 275-0331
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Carla Levant
Jessica Clarke
Chelsea Youngman




(585) 273-5445

(585) 275-5430
(585) 276-6310

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and 4-1400 Jeff Rideout LMSW (585) 275-7487

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