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The clip you are about to view shows videoconference image quality differences when employing one ISDN line (128 kbs) vs. three ISDN lines (384 kbs, 30 fps). You will see a sentence presented twice in American Sign Language. The sentence gives a doctor's name (Letterman) and states that if the patient has any questions tonight, they can call 275-2343. The first time the sentence is presented, it is shown at a one-ISDN line level of quality. The same sentence is then repeated at a three-ISDN line level of quality. Compare the two image quality levels. Note how much more blurry the one ISDN line image is and how it yields "frozen" and "dropped" frames (including missing segments of the doctor's name and the phone number) compared to the clearer, smoother, and more complete three ISDN line image/sentence.

After extensive testing of various modalities, including one, two, and three ISDN lines, Internet protocol (IP), and cable modem, Strong Connections has committed to using only a three-ISDN line level of connectivity for our service. We believe that lesser quality images are unacceptable for rapid, bi-directional sign communication in such a critical service area as medical care. The emerging national standard for videoconferencing in education, healthcare, and business (among hearing people) also is three ISDN lines. We are aware that other sign language interpreting/videoconferencing services and projects exist that are using only one ISDN line or IP connections. After viewing these sample images, we think you’ll agree that using three ISDN lines is essential to facilitating clear and accurate medical interpretation and, that if your health or medical instructions were on the line, you shouldn't tolerate unclear or missing communication information.

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