Adult Medical/Surgical

2-1800 Short Stay Unit
20 private bed unit

This unit’s patient population includes all acute medical/trauma/surgical patients admitted from the Emergency Department. This is an exciting, fast paced, rapid turnover unit where nurses demonstrate strong critical thinking and organizational skills. One year acute medical/surgical experience preferred - new graduates welcome.

4-3400 Solid (Liver and Kidney) Organ Transplant Unit
25 beds

This unit is dedicated to patients with Liver, Kidney, and Pancreas Transplantations, as well as, Hepatology. These patients provide a wide range of medical and surgical experiences. This challenging, fast paced environment encourages strong organization, time management, and critical thinking skills. Ability to demonstrate leadership skills are available through precepting, being a charge nurse, and by participating in shared governance committees and initiatives that focus on patient satisfaction. Effective communication, positive attitude, and appreciation of teamwork a must! We welcome graduate nurses or registered nurses.

5-1200 Rehabilitation
20 beds

The opportunity exists to provide holistic care for persons of varied patient populations, including but not limited to, the Neurological patient: Spinal Cord Injured and CVA; the Orthopaedic/Trauma patient: MVA, multiple fractures and amputee; the Neuromuscular and debilitated patients. Work as a primary nurse teaching patients and their families how to attain goals set for each patient’s recovery themselves. Become a team member, teach and advocate for patients and have the opportunity to become a certified Rehab RN in 2 years , join our team.

5-1400 Acute Medicine
24 beds

This unit cares for a variety of patients with a wide range of acute medical diagnoses such as COPD, CHF, ESRD/ESLD, pancreatitis, and diabetes requiring insulin drips. The opportunity to learn something new is endless regardless of experience level. This is a high energy unit which focuses on patient care delivery with an emphasis on individual/professional growth is promoted and encouraged. New graduates welcome!


5-1600 Neurology
23 beds

Become a Neuroscience Nurse today! Exciting opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team providing holistic care to a diverse Neuro – medicine population which includes an 8 bed epilepsy monitoring unit within featuring state of the art equipment that is unique to this region. This unit will offer experience with ventilators, telemetry and a variety of neurological and medical diagnosis as well as educational opportunities to become a skilled neuroscience nurse. Must possess a positive attitude with excellent interpersonal and communication skills for this exciting, fast paced environment

25 beds

This unit specializes in Orthopaedic trauma, spinal surgery, and other elective Orthopaedic surgical diagnosis. As part of a department recognized for research and innovation, our Ortho unit offers many opportunities for education and professional growth. Applicants must have excellent organizational, problem solving and communication skills. Nurses hired to this unit can expect to be part of an enthusiastic and fun team.

5-3600 Neurosurgery
24 beds

The neurosurgical unit offers a fast paced, tri-level, caring unit. Work with multidisciplinary teams that values nurses skills, talents, and compassion for our patient population. This unit offers an 8-bed intermediate care unit for patients who require hemodynamic and neurological monitoring. They include patients with brain tumors, epilepsy, brain aneurysms and spinal malformations.The goal is to provide exceptional patient care in an environment that promotes staff satisfaction. Neurosurgical experience is not necessary. Flexibility, enthusiasm, and the ability to be a team player are the only requirements.


6-1200 Acute Medicine

This unit provides care to an adult population with a variety of medical diagnosis such as congestive heart failure, GI bleed, diabetes, alcohol and drug withdrawals, sickle cell disease, cardiac disease, renal and liver diseases, peritoneal dialysis and telemetry. While 6-1200 is a general medical unit- Peritoneal Dialysis is a subspecialty expertise that supports the entire institution.

6-3400  Acute Medicine
24 beds

Building a new team of Nurses to care for a diverse patient population for example: cardiac/telemetry, and acute and complex medical patients. Become part of a dynamic, collaborative care team responsible for medical patients, patient and staff satisfaction is a priority.   Recent acute care helpful, experience with diverse patient populations a plus. New gradate nurses are welcome! Excellent communication skills, flexibility, creativity, and collaborative teamwork valued.

6-3600 Trauma unit
24 beds

This unit cares for trauma patients and general medical/surgical patients. There are opportunities to learn technical/clinical skills. Must demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills as a member of the multidisciplinary team. Opportunities available for nurses interested in the Clinical Advancement System (CAS), precepting, patient advocacy, charge role and unit activities. Educational opportunities such as trauma certification available and encouraged. New grads welcome.