Shared Governance

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Every nurse at Strong is part of the Professional Nursing Council

Nursing at Strong Memorial Hospital has a long history working in a shared governance environment. This approach creates a work setting in which nurses participate in the planning and decisions that affect their practice. At SMH, this is accomplished through the Professional Nursing Council (PNC) at the hospital level and threads to Unit Councils in each clinical practice area.

The Professional Nursing Council is chaired and managed by staff nurses who work closely with the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) to address areas important to nurses. To accomplish the goals of this group the PNC is sub-divided into six working councils, each chaired by a staff nurse with an advance practice nurse (APN) co-chair.

The structure of the Professional Nursing Council:

Professional Nursing Council Structure

Meliora Award

Child Psychiatry Team honored with the URMC Meliora (Ever Better) Award for innovations in their approach to children. Team 1-9200 adopted a new philosophy—Kids Do Well if They Can—and transformed its approach patients and families. The change has delivered increase patient, family and staff satisfaction!