PNC Sub-councils

The Professional Nursing Council is comprised of six sub-councils that dedicate work to areas that impact nursing practice. Each of these sub-councils is Chaired by a staff nurse. The sub-councils report quarterly to PNC regarding the work completed in their groups.

The purpose of each of the PNC Sub-councils:

Clinical Practice Council

To discuss, recommend, implement, and evaluate current nursing practice policies and procedures. We will do this through collaboration, benchmarking, and reviewing evidence that promotes clinical practice.

Financial Accountability Council

To provide nurses with knowledge and understanding of the nursing budget and nursing’s role in the overall financial performance of Strong Memorial Hospital.

Professional Development Council

To assess, develop and oversee activities related to skill building, advancement and image of Nurses at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Quality and Safety Steering Council

To promote evidence-based patient centered care that is safe, efficient timely and comprehensive, using continuous improvement strategies.

Research and Evidence Based Practice Council

To promote the use of research and evidence in clinical practice through the support of research and evidence-based activities, the education of staff, and the review of data and documents for purposes of evidence-based improvements.

EMR Advisory Council

To optimize the usability and functionality of the EMR in order to best reflect the care that is provided to patients.

Meliora Award

Child Psychiatry Team honored with the URMC Meliora (Ever Better) Award for innovations in their approach to children. Team 1-9200 adopted a new philosophy—Kids Do Well if They Can—and transformed its approach patients and families. The change has delivered increase patient, family and staff satisfaction!