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Koji Tomiyama, M.D., Ph.D.

UR Medicine Welcomes Outstanding New Surgeons to Abdominal Transplant Team

Dr. Hernandez-Alejandro, Professor of Surgery and Chief of the Division of Transplantation is an established multi-organ transplant surgeon, pioneer in Liver Transplantation from Donors After Cardio circulatory Death (DCD) with additional surgical training in Live Donor Liver Transplantation. Dr Hernandez is an international leader in the field of transplantation and liver resections for metastases with outstanding results with the innovative surgical technique of the ALPPS procedure. He is currently the Chair of the Publication Committee at the AHPBA, member of the Scientific Committee of the ALPPS Registry and member of the Scholarship Committee of ILTS. Dr Hernandez is an active researcher with a record of peer reviewed publications and has lectured worldwide on current issues in the field.

Dr Koji Tomiyama is a fully trained Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgeon with strong expertise in the field of Live Donor Liver Transplantation. He has extensive training at Baylor University and Kyoto University. Dr. Tomiyama did an extra training fellowship in complex hepatobiliary surgery at University of Toronto. His areas of expertise include complex HPB cases such as in situ/ex vivo liver cold preservation, 3D simulation of liver surgery, DCD and live donor liver transplantation.

UR Medicine Adult Pelvic Health & Continence Care

The new interdisciplinary service brings together Colorectal, Urogynecology, and Urology specialists to collaborate and care for conditions affecting both women and men. We offer a full spectrum of custom-tailored treatment options including conservative medical and behavioral management and a wide array of surgical procedures.

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Continence Care

200 Heart Transplants

UR Medicine Heart Transplant Team Celebrates 200 Hearts, 200 Second Chances

Cardiac surgeons and cardiologists with the Program in Heart Failure and Transplantation completed the 200th heart transplant Aug. 24. To date, the team has performed 203 heart transplants, thanks to the gift of life provided through organ donation.

Strong Memorial is the only comprehensive heart failure and transplant center in upstate New York, serving the vast majority of the state, from Northern New York to the Pennsylvania state line.

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