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Pediatric Imaging


Golisano Children’s Hospital debuts Integrated PET-MRI

UR Medicine’s Golisano Children’s Hospital this month became the first children’s hospital in the country to administer an integrated PET-MRI scan to a patient.

The new Golisano Children’s Hospital was dedicated in May and opened its doors to patients in July. The hospital sees more than 85,000 patients annually.


Jones Memorial Hospital and Noyes Health officially join UR Medicine

The affiliations expand UR Medicine’s network to five hospitals, including Strong Memorial, Highland Hospital, and Thompson Health. The regional effort is aimed at strengthening health care services for patients across the Southern Tier.

Jones and Noyes Join UR Medicine

Strong Health is most preferred hospital


UR Medicine’s Strong Memorial Hospital Named Rochester’s Most Preferred Hospital

UR Medicine’s Strong Memorial Hospital was named a 2015/2016 Consumer Choice Award winner by National Research Corporation. The annual award identifies the top hospitals across the United States that health care consumers have chosen as having the highest quality and image. This is the 20th consecutive year that Strong has been named Rochester’s most preferred hospital.