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The Division of Vascular Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center welcomes the opportunity to assist you in providing the most comprehensive and advanced medical care for your patients.  Our vascular surgeons are board-certified and offer the full spectrum of surgical care for patients with vascular disease, including the most advanced endovascular treatment.  We would enjoy working with you as a partner in your patient’s care.  Please call upon us whenever we may be of service.

Patients who are cared for by the University of Rochester Heart & Vascular Institute can benefit from the broad knowledge, experience, and capabilities that its caregivers offer.  Here, patients benefit from a program that emphasizes disease prevention and empowerment through education.  When treatment is required, the Institute offers some of the latest medical, interventional, and surgical approaches from the complete range of cardiovascular conditions.  Our involvement in prominent clinical trials and ability to offer novel therapies and treatments draws patients from across the region and beyond.

Scheduling Patients

  • To schedule an appointment, call (585) 275-2877.
  • To transfer a patient to our hospital, call 1-800-499-9298 or click here.

Resources for Physicians

Download the complete Heart & Vascular Access Guide