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The doctors and researchers at URMC have done much to advance the treatment of heart disease. But you can have an impact that is just as significant by giving us your financial support. When you make a donation to URMC Cardiology, you help in several ways:

  1. By supporting heart disease research that could discover new treatments and improve the lives of millions.
  2. By helping us to hire top researchers and cardiologists who will help us to move heart care forward.
  3. By providing advanced treatments to people who are sick but cannot pay for their own care.

Options for giving

There are several options for giving to URMC Cardiology. Our goal is to make the process of giving as comfortable and convenient for you as possible.

  • An Annual Gift. This option enables you to give a certain amount each year. Your gift will be used in the area where it is needed most and where it can have the greatest effect.

To make an Annual Gift to the Area of Greatest Need call (585) 273-5472.

  • A Gift in Memory of a Loved One. You can make a gift to URMC Cardiology in memory of a departed loved one. You can also encourage friends and family to do the same in lieu of sending flowers. 

To make a Gift in Memory of a Loved One call (585) 273-5472

  • A Planned Gift. Many people prefer to make planned gift through their estate or by using a trust or annuity. This is a powerful way to have a lasting impact on improving heart care for our community and for the whole world.

To make a Planned Gift call (585) 273-5472

  • Make a One-Time Gift. There are many reasons for giving. And each one of them helps in a remarkable way. When you make a one-time gift, you will be helping to fund research into some of the world’s most challenging diseases.

To make a One Time Gift call (585) 273-5472