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Research done at URMC Cardiology helps to provide the best results on patient care.

Basic Research

The University of Rochester Medical Center is one of the top 25 funded academic medical centers in the USA. Our basic research in cardiology is one reason for our top ranking.

Basic cardiology research helps scientists to gain a better understanding of how the heart and vascular system works. While basic research cannot be applied to patient care immediately, it is critical for moving our knowledge of heart disease forward.

At the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute, more than 100 scientists, technicians and fellows perform the basic research that is changing the future cardiology. Their work is giving us a better understanding of how the heart and blood vessels work and how they become susceptible to disease.

The breakthroughs discovered here could one day lead to new treatments and cures for heart disease, improving the lives of people throughout the world. The Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute is the only center in the region performing basic cardiology research.

Would you like to learn more about basic research at the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute?

Please visit the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute web site.

Clinical Research

The University of Rochester Medical Center has a wide range of clinical research that is helping to improve patient’s lives. Here are a few of examples of our current research:

  • Treatment of long QT syndrome, a rare but deadly heart rhythm disorder.
  • Treatment of patients after a heart attack.
  • Use of various innovative medications for the treatment of heart disease.
  • Use of automatic defibrillators in patients with heart failure.
  • Use of cardiac resynchronization therapy in heart failure patients.

The University of Rochester Medical Center is home to the Heart Research Followup Program. The Heart Research Followup Program is the world's leading research group for clinical trials of sudden death. The MADIT Trials have changed the way doctors across the world treat patients at risk for sudden death. Practice guidelines from our MADIT Trials have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients across the world.

One of the greatest benefits of clinical research is that it provides patients with access to the most current medical treatments, often years before they become available at other hospitals.

As the region’s leader in cardiology clinical research, we are helping to provide the best treatments today, while ensuring that even better treatments are available tomorrow.

Many patients at URMC Cardiology gain access to advanced treatments through clinical trials not available elsewhere.

Learn more about Clinical Research at URMC.

Clinical Trials

URMC Cardiology offers our patients more opportunities for clinical trials than any other center in the region.

This is an important consideration, because while not all patients need a clinical trial, it is comforting to know this option is available if needed.

Being involved with clinical trials keeps URMC on the leading edge of cardiology care. Through clinical trials, our doctors and researchers discover the most advanced and effective treatments.

Your involvement in clinical trials also has another very important benefit: It helps people throughout the world.

When you participate in clinical trials, you further our knowledge about the best treatments for heart disease. This knowledge is then used by doctors around the world in treating their patients.

Click here for a list of cardiology clinical trials that are currently available at URMC.