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While varicose or spider veins are not life threatening, the 40 million Americans who have these conditions find them unsightly, painful, and uncomfortable. Fortunately, the experienced physicians at UR Medicine Vein Care can treat these veins with sophisticated, minimally invasive treatments.

Most varicose veins don't underlie serious medical problems, but over time, they can lead to symptoms ranging from leg fatigue, aching, burning, or pain and swelling of the ankles and feet which can adversely affect quality of life.

What makes UR Medicine Vein Care different.

While many physicians treat veins, UR Medicine Vein Care is different in several ways:

  • We offer the complete spectrum of treatments ranging from traditional non-operative treatments to the most advanced minimally invasive and open surgical treatments.
  • We participate in ongoing quality improvement through the Vascular Quality Initiative as part of our national patient safety organization. This database allows us to prospectively monitor our excellent outcomes.
  • We offer the highest levels of care and non-invasive diagnostic testing as the region’s only IAC-accredited vein center and diagnostic vascular laboratory.