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Faculty Search for Interdisciplinary Research in Data Science

The University of Rochester has made data science the centerpiece of its 5-year strategic plan, committing to 20 new faculty lines in diverse areas, a new building, and the establishment of the Institute for Data Science. We are currently seeking applicants for tenure track positions in interdisciplinary research areas within data science. This search complements department-specific searches in data science currently underway; click here for a summary of all data science searches.

The interdisciplinary search focuses on recruiting candidates who are excited about engaging in collaborative research that connects advances in computational models and methods to other fields of engineering or life, social, or physical sciences. Successful candidates will receive a primary appointment in one of the departments supporting the search, and a secondary appointment in at least one other department. Departments supporting this search are Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Biostatistics & Computational Biology, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Chemistry, Computer and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Economics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Political Science. 

Focus areas for this year’s interdisciplinary search are:

  • Fundamental Methods in Machine Learning, Network Science, and Statistics
    Research on general computational methods for constructing systems for classification, prediction, clustering, and related tasks from large-scale data.  We are particularly interested in work on analyzing complex relational data using network models.
  • Computational Linguistics, Computer Vision, and Computational Models of Human Perception
    Research in computational linguistics or computer vision, with a particular interest in work that spans shallow and deep semantic processing, and/or relates computational models to physiological models of perception.  Candidates should have extensive experience with natural corpora and other rich databases.
  • Computational Biology and Computational Bioengineering
    Research on computational approaches to analyze large, complex data sets in biology and biomedical engineering. Potential areas of research may include functional and evolutionary genomics, proteomics and protein folding, systems biology, multi-scale modeling in bioengineering, or multimodal bio-imaging informatics.
  • Global Biogeochemistry
    Research that integrates biotic (e.g. microbial), chemical, and geological processes for an interdisciplinary research focus on understanding global geochemical cycling processes and/or global climate change. Applicants should have a strong computational and/or modeling component to their research aimed at mining, integrating, and/or interpreting large data sets.

Apply online for this search at:


Applicants should hold a PhD and will be required to supply a set of refereed scholarly publications, names of references, and research and teaching statements. The application asks applicants to select a focus area and set of disciplines most relevant to their research area. Review of applications at any rank will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled. For full consideration, applications should be received by January 15th, 2014.  Please direct questions by email to Melissa Singkhamsack.

The University of Rochester is a private, Tier I research institution located in western New York State. It consistently ranks among the top 30 institutions, both public and private, in federal funding for research and development. The university has made substantial investments in computing infrastructure through the Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) and the Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation (HSCCI). The university includes the Eastman School of Music and the University of Rochester Medical Center, a major medical school, research center, and hospital system. The greater Rochester area is home to over a million people, including 80,000 students who attend the 8 colleges and universities in the region.


The Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the University of Rochester invites applications for the following:


The Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the University of Rochester anticipates openings for postdoctoral traineeships in Biostatistics for AIDS research.

More information: AIDS Postdoc Position


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As a part of the University of Rochester, we are happy to offer a link to the following website which lists the most up-to-date listing of opportunities at our institution.

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The University of Rochester is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity institution.  Applications from women and under-represented minorities are particularly encouraged.