Brain and Spine Cancer Care at Wilmot.

Brain and Spine Cancer Team

Few things are as life-changing as a diagnosis of brain or spine cancer. At The Wilmot Cancer Center, our goal is to provide the most exceptional care available for this challenging disease.

Wilmot is Upstate New York’s largest brain and spine cancer treatment program. We offer a truly integrated approach, one that is not available anywhere else in the region.

  • Every doctor you might need is available right here in one location. So you can meet with your surgeon, your medical oncologist and your radiation oncologist in one visit.
  • Our physicians are specialty trained on brain and spine cancer care. We offer the area's only dedicated neuro-anesthesiologist and board-certified neuro-pathologists.
  • We are part of the area’s only Academic Medical Center, putting us at the leading edge of research to uncover new therapies for our patients.
  • Wilmot offers the same leading-edge treatments offered by the nation’s leading cancer centers. As a result, you don’t have to travel far from home to get the very best care.
  • For children with brain or spine tumors, Golisano Children’s Hospital offers a complete team of specialists who provide advanced and compassionate care. Learn more


Why Wilmot.

  • Doctors who are dedicated to treating brain and spine cancer.
  • Every specialist you need for brain and spine cancer, all in one place.
  • The most advanced technology, including focused image-guided radiation, frameless stereotactic radiosurgery (?) and awake brain mapping.
  • True multidisciplinary care—doctors who work as a team to plan your care.
  • The area’s only anesthesiologist who specializes in brain and spine cancer surgery.
  • The area’s only neuropathologists for expert diagnosis.
  • The most robust research program in the region, providing access to cutting-edge treatments.


How our brain and spine cancer research helps you.

Being part of an Academic Medical Center—the University of Rochester Medical Center—puts us at the leading edge of care. We are the only research center in the area that is actively developing new treatments for brain and spine cancer.

In most cases, a traditional treatment is the best option for our patients. But should you require another approach, it is encouraging to know that we offer more clinical trials than any other center in Western New York.

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