Multidisciplinary Care: A Unique Approach

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The Wilmot Cancer Institute is comprised of the following centers and hospitals:

  • Highland Hospital
  • Interlakes and Highland Radiation Oncology at Park Ridge
  • Interlakes and Highland Radiation Oncology at Sands Cancer Center
  • Interlakes-Strong West
  • Interlakes-Geneva
  • Pluta Cancer Center and Comprehensive Breast Care at Pluta
  • Wilmot Cancer Center



Why Multidisciplinary Care

The Wilmot Cancer Institute offers multidisciplinary cancer care, meaning physicians and staff from a wide range of disciplines – including surgical, medical and radiation oncology – are working together to form the best possible treatment plan for each patient based on the most recent scientific discoveries and treatments. Doctors, nurses, support staff and research scientists are all brought together, under a single roof, with a single mission: raising the bar for cancer care in Rochester and Upstate New York.

As members of subspecialty teams, oncology physicians and staff from all cancer and diagnostic specialties regularly collaborate in multidisciplinary disease site conferences. Information about the patient's type and stage of cancer is presented and a consensus opinion about treatment options developed. This collaborative and collective assembly of expertise from a variety of perspectives ensures that patients receive the best possible advice for treatment from the beginning of their journey.

And, since we are a part of a leading academic medical center, we are able to consult and collaborate with some of the best subspecialists in other non-cancer fields.

In addition to providing recommendations for the most up-to-date treatment, patients are screened for eligibility to participate in clinical trials. In offering this option to patients, we again demonstrate our commitment to bring the newest and most advanced treatment to patients and their families.

Our building further undescores our commitment to serve our patients in a setting that promotes care, support, and comfort. Our patients were actively involved in the design of our center and their suggestions were taken very seriously.

We are committed to continually improving our services by learning from what our patients and families tell us. We regularly survey our patients after their visits to assess their satisfaction with our service. Our staff live by the values of the Strong Commitment: Integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence. Finally, our Patient and Family Advisory Council provides a mechanism for patient needs and feedback to reach our leadership team.


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