Head & Neck Cancer Care

Survivorship Program

Head & neck cancer can impact some of the most basic human functions. Swallowing, speech, sight and appearance can all be affected. That’s why the Wilmot Cancer Center provides the area’s most extensive support services for patients and their families.

Our Survivorship Program is a critical part of the care we provide at Wilmot. This program helps improve quality of life for survivors of head or neck cancer.

  • Support groups that meet once a month.
  • Highly trained specialists, including dietitians, speech pathologists, audiologists, therapists and social workers to help improve organ function and quality of life.
  • Expert advice on how to reduce side effects of head or neck cancer and its treatments.

At Wilmot, our work does not end when we beat your cancer. We continue working with you so that you can return to a normal, happy and productive life. 

Support groups for Head & Neck Cancer


If you or a family member has head or neck cancer, the Wilmot Cancer Center offers support groups that can help.

We have a local chapter of the Society for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer. To find out about support group meeting times, please contact the Head & Neck Social Worker by calling (585) 275-6426. Or visit the SPOHNC website.

We also offer a Young Adult Survivor Connection Group for people ages 18-39 as well as a Caregivers Support Group. Please contact our social worker for more information.

Head and Neck Phone Number

Patient Support

Our head and neck support group meets the first Thursday of the month, 5-6:30pm. Call our social worker at (585) 275-6426 for more information.