Head & Neck Cancer Care

Head & Neck Cancer Treatments at Wilmot

Head and Neck Patient CareThe Wilmot Cancer Center offers the region’s most comprehensive, advanced, and innovative treatments for head and neck cancer.

We also offer a more advanced method of planning your treatment: Each patient’s case is discussed in a multidisciplinary tumor board, where surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and pathologists all meet to plan your care.

As a result, you receive care that is customized to your cancer, using the best treatment options from every medical specialty.

Wilmot also gives you access to experts from every specialty you might need—before, during and after your treatment—including imaging, social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy and palliative care.

Transoral laser resection is a precise and minimally invasive procedure that accesses a tumor through the patient’s mouth and then removes it with a laser.

Transoral robotic surgery is another minimally invasive technique that allows for removal of tumors through the mouth, helping many patients avoid more invasive traditional surgeries. Wilmot physicians were the first in Western New york to perform this cutting-edge surgery, and we remain the only program in the region to offer it.

Endoscopic skull-based surgery removes tumors using tiny scopes that are inserted through the nasal cavity, eliminating the need for incisions and also speeding recovery.

Tomotherapy delivers highly precise doses of radiation from many different directions, surrounding a tumor with powerful radiation while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy uses beams of radiation that vary in intensity, delivering a high dose of radiation that conforms to the 3-dimensional shape of a tumor while minimizing the negative effects to critical organs such as parotid glands, mandible, spinal cord and brain.

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Patient Support

Our head and neck support group meets the first Thursday of the month, 5-6:30pm. Call our social worker at (585) 275-6426 for more information.