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Research being conducted at URMC by the Anesthesiology Department provides many opportunities for residents to get involved. Department research spans from the basic science to clinical and outcomes research. Our faculty conducts research over a variety of domains including coagulation, critical care, pain/regional anesthesia and respiratory physiology along with how molecular science and patient outcomes are associated with anesthesia.

Residents can get involved in research on multiple levels. At a minimum, each resident is required to complete a scholarly project. Many of our residents present these at the annual Midwest Anesthesia Residents’ Conference or the NYSSA regional resident’s meeting. Some resident elect to spend one month rotations engaged in research. For the select few, we offer the opportunity to weave your research training right into your clinical training. The Resident Research Track was designed to accommodate those residents who do not want to wait until their third year of training to think about research (or until fellowship). Let us know if this interests you during your interview day—we would love to invite you back to meet our research faculty and see our labs.

For a more comprehensive overview and description of the research being done by the Anesthesiology Department please visit the departmental research page.

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