Program Overview - What Makes us Unique?

The Dermatology Residency Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center encompasses three years of dermatology training following a broad-based clinical year (PGY-1) of training in an ACGME-accredited program. Training is both varied and broad. Both common and uncommon dermatologic conditions are evaluated and treated on an ongoing basis so residents finishing the program are able to deliver superior specialized dermatologic care to patients with diseases of the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes.

To help achieve this goal, the program also incorporates appropriate didactic instruction in the pertinent basic sciences, as well as clinical and surgical topics. Instruction in these didactic sessions is provided by our full- and part-time faculty, visiting professors, invited speakers from other disciplines, and residents themselves. Our residency program accepts three candidates per year.

The Dermatology faculty here at the University of Rochester have a broad portfolio of expertise. Our program director, Dr. Mary Gail Mercurio, is an expert in vulvar disease as well as diseases of the hair. Dr. Francisco Tausk has a special interest in the mind-body connection as it applies to the skin and offers specific training in psychocutaneous disease, as well as a clinical focus on psoriasis. Dr. Lisa Beck is a recognized expert in atopic dermatitis and chronic urticaria. Dr. Brian Poligone specializes in cutaneous lymphoma. Dr. Elaine Gilmore has deep expertise in cutaneous pain syndromes. Dr. Alice Pentland is the regional expert in the management of bullous disease and Dr. Glynis Scott is our dermatopathologist. Dr. Marc Brown is the director of our Dermatologic Surgery Unit. Together with Dr. Sherrif Ibrahim, in-depth training in skin surgery and cosmetic dermatology is available.

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