Our Facilities

Residents have their continuity practice for all three years at either Highland Family Medicine or Brown Square Community Health Center. Each site provides residents with a team-based group-practice experience. The hospital settings are a mix of university-based and community-based models.

Highland Family Medicine

Highland Family Medicine FacilityInitially based on the practices of the founding faculty, the practice has grown to over 20,000 primary care patients from 7,000 families throughout Rochester. They represent the full spectrum of age, race, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The practice, which is free from the instrusion and influence of pharmaceutical representatives, is functionally divided into seven suites. Each has faculty and resident physicians, family nurse practitioners, registered nurses, medical assistants, and secretaries. Additional resources include onsite mental health services, an immunization outreach worker, and a social worker.

Brown Square Community Health Center

Our Facilities - Brown Square Community Health CenterUp to six residents develop their three-year continuity practices at the Brown Square Community Health Center. It's one of three locations that make up Anthony Jordan Health Services, a federally funded Public Health Service Section 330 community health center. About 10 minutes from Highland Hospital, the center provides comprehensive health care to the indigent, working poor, the uninsured, and some HMO participants. Additionally it serves a large refugee population, many of whom have very recently arrived in Rochester. Patients represent diverse heritages, including African-American, Caribbean, Italian, Puerto Rican, Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Burmese), African (Somali, Sudanese, Liberian), and Eastern European. Brown Square provides medical, dental, and support services, including on-site mental health services, a dietitian, a perinatal outreach worker, and HIV case management.

Highland Hospital (HH)

Highland Hospital Facility Highland Hospital is a 231-bed community hospital affiliated with the University of Rochester. It's the Family Medicine Program's home hospital, where the majority of inpatient training occurs. A collaborative group of generalists and specialists provide a broad range of teaching. The medical library has a good reference collection, journal selection, free copying, internet access, and a fax connection to other medical libraries in the area. There are resident rooms on the 5th through 7th floors with lab and internet access. Residents rotate through medicine, OB/GYN, emergency, and surgery at Highland.

Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH)

University of Rochester Medical Center - Strong Memorial Hospital FacilityStrong Memorial Hospital is a 749-bed tertiary care center that provides primary care to a large indigent clinic population. It is the main teaching hospital for the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, with residency programs in most fields. The medical school library is located here. Our training at Strong includes pediatrics, and part of psychosocial medicine. Residents can explore many subspecialty electives at this site.

Rochester General Hospital (RGH)

Rochester General Hospital FacilityRochester General Hospital is a 547-bed private teaching hospital with an independent residency program in OB/GYN and a university program in pediatrics. It has a busy emergency department and a Level II nursery. Residents do several rotations there in the pediatric emergency/outpatient and the special care nursery. Both staff and community attendings admit to the pediatric service; all special care nursery infants have a neonatologist as attending. Electives include radiology and orthopaedics. The library includes practical videotapes on casting, suturing, and other hands-on skills.