How do I apply?
Applications to our program are accepted through ERAS. Applications are accepted beginning September 1st.
What's the application deadline?
Our deadline is October 30th of every year.
When will I hear if I am going to be offered an interview?
The selection committee starts reviewing applications in November and we begin sending some interview invitations in mid-November. In many cases, the committee cannot reach a decision until the MSPE/Dean's Letter is released in early November. Applicants are notified via email.
What visa type is offered for PGY-1 residents?
The University of Rochester supports only the J-1 visa for Graduate Medical Education.
When are interviews scheduled and how many interviews are granted?
We offer 2 interview dates to chose from. We interview approximately 44 applicants (22 per date).
What USMLE scores do I need to be considered?
A passing score on USMLE Step 1 is required before an interview will be granted. There is no specific cutoff passing score; applicants are considered on an individual basis.
Will my application still be considered if I don't pass on one of my initial USMLE exam attempts?