Research Overview:

The Department of Otolaryngology is devoted to the acquisition of new knowledge.

Residents in the categorical track will receive six months of dedicated research time in the third year of training which will involve a basic science or translational research project. A number of projects are ongoing within the department for the residents to be involved in.

Investigators in the Department collaborate with other scientists across campus and across the country.  Much of the current research in the Department investigates the vestibular or balance system.  Our research is supported by the NIDCD both individually and investigators in the Center for Navigation and Communication Sciences.

It is expected the research effort will result in a paper for national meeting presentation and publication.

Residents are also encouraged to be involved with clinical research throughout the training program and present the research annually at a department sponsored research forum as well as at regional, national and/or international meetings.

Residents in the research track will receive an additional 12 months of dedicated research time following the original six.

Otolaryngology Research