Our Facilities

Our residents train and see patients at three Rochester-area hospitals: Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, and Highland Hospital.

Other training sites include Unity Hospital and Lattimore Surgical Center. Residents are allowed to participate in the clinical activities of program faculty who use these sites, and apply them to their Strong Memorial Hospital clinical rotation.

All the resources of the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for the use of patient care or treatment are generally available to residents for their use and educational purposes. It is expected and required that residents treat these materials with appropriate care and respect of ownership.

All books and journals in the Bales Plastic Surgery Library should remain there at all times. If there is a particular segment of a journal or textbook that you would like to take home, we ask that you photocopy this on the division copier. In order to maintain our library and provide these educational materials to all residents, it is important that these materials do not leave the library. There also are educational video tapes in our library, which can be borrowed for home viewing. Please notify the residency coordinator of tapes that have been borrowed.

There is a library computer available to residents for the sole purpose of academic-related endeavors, such as abstract/manuscript preparation, conference preparation, digital imaging of patients, literature searches, communication with other academic institutions and residency programs, and similar activities.