Faculty & Research

Overview of the Department of Public Health Sciences

The Department of Public Health Sciences represents a dynamic, committed cadre of faculty, staff, and students devoted toward one mission: "The improvement of health and health care among diverse populations through research, learning, and community partnerships." Our Department consists of four divisions, each representing a component of the public health sciences. These include:

  • Epidemiology which focuses on chronic disease prevention through population research;
  • Health Policy and Outcomes Research which increases our understanding of health care through interdisciplinary research;
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences which excels in community-based health promotion research related to social, behavioral, and environmental change, and lastly;
  • Healthcare Management consisting of healthcare professionals responsible for institutional quality, safety, and patient outcomes.

The Department includes approximately 24 full-time primary faculty and 70 secondary faculty in addition to 60 staff members.

Our expansive graduate education program includes two doctoral and three masters programs with a total enrollment of about 120 students. In addition, we house post-doctoral education programs in Health Services, Research and Policy as well as Preventive Cardiology. General Preventive Medicine residents are encouraged to take advantage of the many semi- and informal educational actitivies that occur because these programs are here—such as epidemiology journal club, preventive cardiology journal clubs and chalk talks. Our Department also sponsors Public Health Grand Rounds.

The Department is very engaged in the Clinical and Translational Science Institute which is an important springboard to our role in the signature programs of the institution's strategic plan. As you learn more about our Department, join us in a committment to public health through innovative research and world-class education that provides:

  • A "real world" setting rich with research opportunities
  • Maximum contact with clinicians and data access
  • Strong departmental relationships

Overview of Research Strengths

The Department of Public Health Sciences serves as the focus for research activities relevant to population health at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Usually, these have included behavioral sciences, epidemiology, and health services research. However, in conjunction with these core disciplines, a wide range of the social sciences are represented in faculty research interests, including economics, history, policy, law, ethics, nutrition, sociology, and anthropology.

Multidisciplinary research is encouraged in the department and several cross-cutting forms of research have developed. Three areas illustrative of such research activity are geriatrics/ gerontology, maternal and child health, and preventive cardiology. Each of these encompass investigators in behavior sciences, health service and policy, and epidemiology, to comprehensively address major research questions.