Practicum Experiences

Our current practicum experiences include the following. Details are provided in separate PDF attachments by clicking on each link below. An overvew of the practium experiences learning goals and objectives is provided.

Rotation/Practicum Sites

(As of 7/31/2014)


Sites Outside URMC

  1. Monroe County Public Health Department1 (Required rotation)
  2. American Cancer Society (Rochester Office and other Upstate affiliates)
  3. Anthony Jordan Health Center (Federally Qualified Health Center)
  4. Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency (new)
  5. NY State Dept of Health
  6. Clark Occupational Medical Services

Sites Outside URMC

  1. Center for Community Health1
  2.  Healthy Living Center (HLC alone)3
  3. Community Health Improvement Resident Practicum
  4. URMC Department  of Quality Improvement (Required rotation)
  5. U of R Occupational Medicine2
  6. Pediatric Hypertension & Hyperlipidemia Clinic3
  7. Preventive Cardiology Clinic3
  8. Passport Health/International Travel Clinic2
  9. Toxicology Rotation4
  10. University Health Services3
  11. Center for Employee Wellness1
  12. James P Wilmot Cancer Center2

1. Block rotation includes significant opportunities to learn in direct patient care settings but primary focus should be on learning non-direct patient care skills and competencies.

2. Block rotation has a focus on learning in direct patient care settings but residents also need to spend at least 25% of their time learning non-direct patient care skills and competencies related to the activity.

3. Rotation is primarily a direct patient care setting done in a longitudinal fashion in conjunction with another block rotation. If agreed upon by site preceptor, residents can spend additional time with preceptor doing related scholarly/non-direct patient care activities to build skills and competencies.

4. Nearly 100% direct-patient care.  Requires weekend call on either Saturday or Sunday, but not both days during each weekend.


Monroe County Department of Public Health

  • Required Rotation
  • 3-4 Months long
Vaccination clinic

URMC Office of Quality Improvement

  • The University of Rochester Medical Center Office of Quality Improvement is lead by Dr, Robert Panzer and is responsible for coordinating the medical centers’ quality improvement, patient relations, hospital accreditations, patient safety and quality improvement.
  • Residents will learn about maintaining patient safety, quality improvement and decision making at a large medical institution
  • This is a required rotation.

Center for Community Health

  • The Center for Community Health was established by the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) to develop and expand academic-community health partnerships dedicated to improving the health of our community.
  • This effort  represents a new model of institutional commitment to community health that focuses on prevention.

Community Health Improvement Practicum

  • The primary goal of this rotation is to learn and apply in your own project the skills needed to work with community partners and improve the health of the community.
    1. Learn how to implement environmental change
    2. Learn how to advocate for policy change
    3. Learn skills to develop and maintain community partnerships
    4. Learn and use different program evaluation techniques
    5. Learn about models of and implement program of risk behavior change
    6.  Learn about barriers to care due to socioeconomic and racial/ethnic differences

American Cancer Society

  • Residents will work with the director of the local chapter of the American Cancer Society on ongoing projects it is undertaking, many of which are done in conjunction with other chapters in New York State and/or county health departments. 
  • Residents will learn about how non-profits are managed and organized and in particular how one national non-profit organizes its local chapters vis-vis its national organization

Occupational Medicine Experiences

  1. Clark occupational Medicine
  2. University of Rochester Department of (Environmental) and Occupational Medicine


Opportunities for away rotations

  • Residents also have the opportunity to work with the program to arrange an out of town rotation, which usually occurs in the last semester of your last year. Past residents have arranged rotations with the New York City Department of Public Health and with a medical society in Washington, D.C.