Environmental Health Sciences Center

Center Director and Administrative Core

Center Director 2001–Present

Thomas A. Gasiewicz, PhD

During Dr. Gasiewicz’s tenure as Director, the Center at Rochester has continued to undergo significant and exciting growth and evolution.

This was enabled by leveraging Center and other external funds with institutional commitments and resources, as well as the formation of critical partnerships with other units inside and outside the URMC. Collaborative interactions within the Center have been enhanced.

Disease Programs have become increasingly multidisciplinary, cutting-edge scientific advancements have been made, and new directions in basic science and clinical/translational research have been set in motion.

Included in these advancements have been:

  • The recruitment of new Center members who enhance and focus critical elements of basic science, as well as facilitate pathways for translational research.
  • Expansion of the experimental Inhalation Facilities to include human exposure facilities that advance translational capabilities and are highly permissive for the integration of human studies with animal models.
  • Development of a Behavioral Sciences Facility with human and experimental animal capabilities that may permit the integration and bidirectional translation of experimental and clinical research.
  • Research on neurological endpoints in environmental health sciences.
  • Formalization of long-standing translational programs within the Integrated Health Science Facility Core (IHSFC) that further facilitates translational efforts in partnership with Rochester’s Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI).

Deputy Director

Deborah A. Cory-Slechta, PhD


Pat Noonan

Internal Policy Committee

  • Thomas A. Gasiewicz, PhD (Director)
  • Deborah Cory-Slechta, PhD (Deputy Director, EHSC; Co-Director, IHSFC; Director, Behavioral Sciences Facility; Co-Director, Career Development Program)
  • Jacob N. Finkelstein, PhD (Co-Director, Pilot Project Program)
  • Steven N. Georas, MD (Co-Director, IHSFC)
  • Katrina Korfmacher, PhD (Director, COEC)
  • B. Paige Lawrence, PhD (Director, Toxicology Training Program)
  • Pat Noonan-Sullivan (Administrator)
  • David Oakes, PhD (Director, Biostatistics Facility Core)
  • Günter Oberdörster, DVM, PhD (Co-Director, IHSFC; Co-Director Animal/Human Inhalation Facility; Coordinator, Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Disease Program)
  • Michael A. O’Reilly, PhD (Director, Pilot Project Program; Director, Instrumentation Facility)
  • J. Edward Puzas, PhD (Basic Research advisor)
  • Mark J. Utell, MD (Co-Director, Human/Animal Inhalation Facility

External Advisory Committee

  • John D. Groopman, PhD, NIEHS Center Director, Johns Hopkins University
  • Pamela J. Lein, PhD (Professor of Neurotoxicology, University of California at Davis)
  • Bruce Pitt, PhD (Professor and EOH Chair, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Helmut Zarbl, PhD (NIEHS Center Director, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School)

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