Tamala David

Steven Barnett

Hello, I am Steven Barnett. I am the director at NCDHR. I am also a family medicine doctor and a researcher. I have worked with the Deaf community for a long time. I have worked with people with hearing loss for just as long. I was one of the people that helped set up NCDHR in 2004. Before working with NCDHR, I worked at the Folsom Medical Center with Deaf patients and families. I became curious and decided I wanted to learn more so I decided to start researching focusing on Deaf people's health and their healthcare. Now, my work is primarily research.

Steven Barnett, MD
Principal Investigator/Program Director
Rochester Prevention Research Center
National Center for Deaf Health Research

Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Public Health Sciences

University of Rochester Medical Center

Tamala David

Tamala David, MS, MPA, FNP, PhD

RPRC:NCDHR Education and Training Lead

Kathleen Jensen

Lori DeWindt

Hello, my name is Lori DeWindt. I've worked at NCDHR since 2011. I am a research coordinator. I assist with research opportunities and I teach. I also work with the Deaf Wellness Center (DWC) as a therapist and a research coordinator. I graduated from Gallaudet University in 1996 in Mental Health Counseling. I've been a therapist for over 5 years. Welcome to NCDHR.

Lori DeWindt, MA

Health Project Coordinator

585-568-6572 (Videophone)

Kathleen Jensen

Kathleen Jensen, RN, MHSA

Executive Director of Finance

585-275-0674 (Voice)

Camille Martina

Jamie Marsden

Hello, my name is Jamie Marsden. I am a secretary with NCDHR. I've worked with NCDHR since 2010. Before I worked with NCDHR, I was a substitute teacher at Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD). Before working with RSD, I graduated from RIT with my Masters in Deaf education and my BFA. My responsibilities at NCDHR are working on the website, graphic design, and a variety of other responsibilities. My work here changes every day. I really enjoy working with NCDHR and the Deaf community!

Jamie Marsden, SPT


585-275-0560 (Voice)

585-286-2776 (Videophone)

Camille Martina

Camille Martina, PhD

NCDHR Lead Program Evaluator

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health Sciences Department of Environmental Medicine

585-273-3874 (Voice)

585-275-7136 (Voice)

Kelly Matthews

Hello, my name is Kelly Matthews. I've worked at NCDHR since 2012. I am a research coordinator. I help with research opportunities and I provide outreach to the community. I graduated from RIT in 2007, with my degree in Social Work, the last class from NTID, RIT. Before working at NCDHR, I worked at RSD.

Kelly Matthews, BSW

Health Project Coordinator

585-512-8519 (Videophone)

Jackie Pransky

Hello. My name is Jackie Pransky. I work at NCDHR as a Research Assistant. I graduated from RIT with a major in Clinical Phsycology in 2012. My job at NCDHR changes every day. I do data entry, I work with people and I help set up things for different research projects. I really enjoy working with the Deaf community and NCDHR.

Jackie Pransky, BS

Research Assistant

585-568-6534 (Videophone)

Erika Sutter

Hello, I'm Erika Sutter. I'm the lead research coordinator here. I've worked here since 2004. I help our team design new projects, collect research data, and analyze data. I also help write proposals for new grants. I supervise other people here too.

Erika Sutter, MPH

Senior Health Project Coordinator

585-275-7347 (Voice)

Research Opportunities

Focus Group Meetings


Seeking Deaf persons age 21-40 interested in participating in a one-time two hour focus group meeting in Rochester!

Focus Group Meeting Flyer

The interviews are limited to Deaf people who are now living in the Rochester (NY) area. The focus group will be conducted in ASL. We need your feedback on developing Deaf Weight Wise (DWW) 2.0. We will be asking about healthy eating and physical activity. The purpose of the group is to continue to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate healthy lifestyle research programs for Deaf people. Each participant will receive $30 dollars cash.

Interested? Contact

Jackie Pransky

(585) 568 6534 VP