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Morse, D.S. & Wilson, J.L. "How Do We Meet the Unique Medical Needs of Justice-involved Women in our Communities?". SGIM Forum. 2015; 38(1): 5, 15. Link
Morse, DS; Silverstein, J; Thomas, K; Bedell, P; Cerulli, C. "Finding the loopholes: a cross-sectional qualitative study of systemic barriers to treatment access for women drug court participants". Health & Justice. 2015; 3(12). Link
2014 Feb
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Kothari C.L., Butkiewicz R., Williams E.R., Jacobson C., Morse D.S., Cerulli C. "Does gender matter? Exploring mental health recovery court legal and health outcomes". Health & justice. 2014; 2(1): 12. Link
2013 Nov
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2012 Oct
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2012 Mar
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2012 Jan
Morse DS, Schiff M, Levit S, Cohen-Moreno R, Williams GC, Neumark Y. "A pilot training program for a motivational enhancement approach to hepatitis C virus treatment among individuals in Israeli methadone treatment centers." Substance use & misuse. 2012 Jan; 47(1):56-66.
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2009 Feb
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McGrail KA; Morse DS; Glessner T; Gardner K. """What is found there": qualitative analysis of physician-nurse collaboration stories."". Journal of general internal medicine. 2009; 24(2): 198-204. T32 MH018911-21(NRSA)to manuscript #110328.
2008 Sep 22
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2007 Jun 25
McDaniel SH, Beckman HB, Morse DS, Silberman J, Seaburn DB, Epstein RM. "Physician self-disclosure in primary care visits: enough about you, what about me?" Archives of internal medicine. 2007 Jun 25; 167(12):1321-6.
2006 Sep
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2006 Aug
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2005 Jun
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1998 Mar 15
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1985 Jan
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