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Patient Guide to Patient Satisfaction Ratings

At URMC, we believe that patients should be empowered to make the right decisions regarding their personal healthcare. To do so, transparency is critical. URMC partners with Press Ganey, to survey our patients about all aspects of their care experience. We are now putting this pertinent information at your fingertips by displaying star ratings for our providers along with anonymous patient comments on our website. This will help you make better-informed choices about how and with whom you seek care. Below, you can learn more about the surveys used to generate this vital information.

Who is surveyed?

URMC patients are randomly invited to complete surveys via mail or email after receiving care at one of our hospitals or outpatient offices. Thousands of patients each year share their experiences through these surveys. We use patient feedback to continually make improvements in the care we deliver.

What questions does URMC ask about our providers to generate the star ratings?

  1. During this visit, did this provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?
  2. During this visit, did this provider listen carefully to you?
  3. During this visit, did this provider give you easy to understand information about these health questions or concerns?
  4. During this visit did the provider show respect for what you had to say?
  5. During this visit, did the provider spend enough time with you?

Are all patient comments posted?

URMC posts both positive and negative comments from these surveys on our website. We do not post comments that are libelous, slanderous, profane, or irrelevant. In addition, patient names and/or other personally identifiable information that might compromise patient privacy is always removed.

While posted comments are anonymous, we understand that some patients may recognize their comment and wish to remove it from our website. You can request to have one of your comments excluded or removed by calling (585) 275-5418 or sending an email to

Why don’t we see patient ratings and comments for every URMC provider?

To ensure accuracy and reliability, URMC only posts ratings when a provider has had at least 20 surveys returned regarding the care they provided.

So a physician who primarily cares for hospitalized patients or those in the Emergency Department, will not have a star rating posted. Being an academic medical center, providers who solely conduct research, teach or do not have contact with patients will also not have a rating displayed.

This project is being rolled out in phases in 2023. Additional providers’ ratings and comments will be posted on our website throughout the year.