Nicole A. Stassen, M.D.

Nicole A. Stassen, M.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box SURG
Rochester, NY 14642

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Journal Articles

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2006 Oct
Gestring ML, Stassen NA, Cheng JD, Bankey PE. "Isolated gastric injury after blunt abdominal trauma." The Journal of trauma.. 2006 Oct; 61(4):1021.
2006 Jan
Stassen NA, Williams VA, Gestring ML, Cheng JD, Bankey PE. "Magnetic resonance imaging in combination with helical computed tomography provides a safe and efficient method of cervical spine clearance in the obtunded trauma patient." The Journal of trauma.. 2006 Jan; 60(1):171-7.
2004 Jun
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2003 Oct
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2003 Oct
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2003 Aug
Hoth JJ, Franklin GA, Stassen NA, Girard SM, Rodriguez RJ, Rodriguez JL. "Prophylactic antibiotics adversely affect nosocomial pneumonia in trauma patients." The Journal of trauma.. 2003 Aug; 55(2):249-54.
2003 Aug
Stassen NA, Breit CM, Norfleet LA, Polk HC. "IL-18 promoter polymorphisms correlate with the development of post-injury sepsis." Surgery.. 2003 Aug; 134(2):351-6.
Hoth JJ, Scott MJ, Bullock TK, Stassen NA, Franklin GA, Richardson JD. "Thoracotomy for blunt trauma: traditional indications may not apply." The American surgeon.. 2003 69(12):1108-11.
2002 Oct
Stassen NA, Lukan JK, Spain DA, Miller FB, Carrillo EH, Richardson JD, Battistella FD. "Reevaluation of diagnostic procedures for transmediastinal gunshot wounds." The Journal of trauma.. 2002 Oct; 53(4):635-8; discussion 638.
2002 Oct
Stassen NA, Lukan JK, Carrillo EH, Spain DA, Norfleet LA, Miller FB, Polk HC. "Examination of the role of abdominal computed tomography in the evaluation of victims of trauma with increased aspartate aminotransferase in the era of focused abdominal sonography for trauma." Surgery.. 2002 Oct; 132(4):642-6; discussion 646-7.
2002 Aug
Stassen NA, Leslie-Norfleet LA, Robertson AM, Eichenberger MR, Polk HC. "Interferon-gamma gene polymorphisms and the development of sepsis in patients with trauma." Surgery.. 2002 Aug; 132(2):289-92.
2002 Jun
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2001 Jul
Stassen NA, Lukan JK, Mizuguchi NN, Spain DA, Carrillo EH, Polk HC. "Thermal injury in the elderly: when is comfort care the right choice?" The American surgeon.. 2001 Jul; 67(7):704-8.